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  1. Well well well, priests are as shit as they used to be. Lowering the cd time on gods help is pointless, because with decent amount of cd u can use it continuously, aura cd reduction is ok, revive immortality is also alright, but it doesnt change anything actually, burden is just as useless as it used to be and ofc nerfing mystic mark because why not. Hope other classes arent soo forgotten as priests
  2. I couldn't agree more about the questing part. Almost all of the quests seems very straightforward and would be a piece of cake to complete in any other enviroment, where there is no such mobs like those jellyfishes. I would love to struggle doing a hard quest, but I really really REALLY hate when I have to die only because one mob attacked me from another side of the map, feared me into 3 other mobs and basically didn't even give me a chance to heal myself or try to kill it. And after that you have to go all the way back to the quest location evading those mobs at the best of your ability, because fighting them is a death sentence for majority of classes. To sum up my monologue I would like to suggest a few things. Maybe you could make a few more spawn locations in the middle of the sea map, where you could spawn, but couldn't teleport to. Also, it would be nice if you could reduce the aggression range of the mobs, decrese the chance of them stunnig you.
  3. So oxygen still doesn't regen when you are offline? That's pretty sad. Also, I believe everyone would be happy if you could buy oxygen tanks from shops, same as you buy food or something else. Ofc the price may be high, but atleast you wouldn't need to just stand for an hour and wait (45 mins after restart). And doing other quests at that time is not really efficient because you would need to leave the underwater location and then come back there what would waste like 5 or more oxygen. Adding oxygen to the shops and making it expensive (reasonably ofc) would also solve the problem of gold overflow, I believe it's a quite a problem in largly populated servers such as russian servers.
  4. Spoilers in google play store. There ll be new expert skills
  5. Why is there still no release post? I can't wait to at least read it, not even talking about experiencing it :D.
  6. Buy oracle of the veil costume EU-Emerald elf side Priest. I want it so bad plz someone get it for me :).
  7. I saw someone complaining about priest's revive skill. They wanted more hp while reviving your party member. In my opinion, if they do not let us use this skill in arena battles there's really no need to do that. First of all it's pve skill and majority deaths in pve happens when someone accidently starts tanking or somehow runs in the crowd of mobs thus when you revive him he can just heal himself by killing some mobs (if he has vamp ofc) or you can heal him when the tank is safe. My advice for all priests and necros - you MUST have this skill but I wouldn't waste precious skill points on it :).
  8. Essences will not disappear, they will still be used to craft accessories. Matter will only be used to craft armors.
  9. Hmmm new skills, new fixes, new craft materials. Let's talk about it: Skills: bladedancer - I think it's a useful skill, especially for pvp because i see a lot of +10 lv28 bds loosing vs lv24 full dodge rogues speeking about pve I don't really see a use for it. Ranger - gets another trap that's really good, but I don't think it's too op. Druid - is it becoming a charmer? It already has quite a big damage output and full control and now more dmg? Warden - lmao. Priest - a very nice skill, really useful, makes priests great again :D. But why can't we use it in arena? As someone said pvp's are supposed to be team work? Let us use it atleast once per fight. (Btw is it even possible to lvl it up? And what does that give?) Paladin - also nice skill for pve palas may be able to farm solo bosses easier now. Mage - risky skill to use because now all the mages are focused on pene and cd and not mana reg. Seeker - I hope this skill will have a decent damage because seekers really lacks dmg skills. Necro - same as priest. Deathknight - I don't mind it because wardens were far more better tanks than dks. Warlock - I'm just happy it didn't get another stun :D. Charmer - I don't know why is there people angry about this skill? It just give charmers an option to play as a tank... Rogue - balanced skill. You use it you cant tank, but you can do a lot of damage. You tank you cant use the skill. Shaman - it gives shamans a really different why to pvp. Make it 4/4 get a full dodge equipment and you can tank +10 bd no problem. Barbar - this skill can finally make barb as good tank as dks and wardens, because instead of using block enchants on shields they can use block and so on. Hunter - a really decent skill. Fixes: bladedancer - I don't play it so idk if the rush nerf is huge or not in my eyes it's not so bad. And if it's bad then 40% dmg increase makes up for it. Druid - make roots lv5 or don't even touch that skill. Warden - the fix for block heal skill was needed. +5 wardens are not supposed to tank myth techno. It was way too op. Paladin - the stun nerf looks huge, but think about priests. They don't even have a normal stun. But compared to dks it looks pretty bad. Also speaking about banner I think you all guys understood it wrong. I think they mean you cant hit enemies like in seals in that spawn area when you place it in the fighting area, but I might be wrong. Mage - barrier fix isn't too relevant. Because you don't really need it while standing in caravans and when you need it you get hit faster than 10sec. Dk - didn't really understand the reserves fix. What's next? Matter! Come on guys :D. Ethereal essences won't disappear :D. You ll still need it for crafting accesories. And as I remember when dmg accessories appeared this was the time when essence prices skyrocketed. New arena rewards - I think it's pretty cool. Now everyone can choose what they want to get. Ok ok I think i covered everything I wanted, I'm sorry for such a long post, but there was a lot of new info. I hope you all have a great day.
  10. Yeah, but that's not a really viable option, because I can only do a few dgs each day as you said (of course I'm not gonna waste stams on it) and weapons aren't common in dgs and even if I get one, ethereal catalysts are also hard to get while disassembling them. So, it would just take too long to do it.
  11. Yea I know that, but I thought that black unicorn drop lv9 weapons and I don't really care about the other stuff.
  12. Oh shit.. xd Then I actually fu*ked up by creating a lv13 farmer... God damnit
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to do the achievement "Catalytic reaction" (you have to get all types of catalysts by disassembling weapons), and I just want to make sure I'm disassembling the right stuff. So from the weapons with the blue name I should be able to get common (blue one), amplified (green one), and energy (yellow one) catalysts and the only weapons that drop ethereal catalyst are the ones with the purple name? P.S. does the black unicorn and necroconstruct still drop lv9 weapons? Because I have killed unicorn quite a few times and only got lv9 body armors. Update: Already got energy and amplified catalysts from lv10 crafted daggers with a blue name, but I'm still missing a common catalyst. I thought it was the lowest tier one so it should drop more frequently than those two others, but I still haven't seen one. Has anyone got common catalyst from lv10 crafted weapons with a blue name? Or I can only get it from weapons with a grey name that has only dmg stat and nothing else?
  14. I wouldnt mind getting 1 extra pocket every day
  15. I have found one bug recently while lvling up charmer. In this pic you see that you should be able to walk through here but actualy you cant. I think you guys accidently forgot to fix it.
  16. Could anyone tell me what exactly was changed in factional islands to make it easier to complete?
  17. First :) By the way, servers will be off for the whole day or only a few hours?
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