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  1. Poisonous Blades. The bug with the renewed effect not damaging the enemy with poison was fixed. Now, the enemy may also get poisoning from Rogue's skills. So "Poisonous Blades" can only be used 1 time now? not anymore time-based.. So 3 dots 300-400 dmg, with 26s cooldown. and 1/4 and 4/4 dmg only 20 different. And for Technopolis DG, at mobs at tower, Necro heal and get rekt by all mobs.. Shaman put Heal totem and get rekt by all mobs Anyway anyone have any idea how this Relic work? Decrease Cooldown 50% for 0s
  2. By any chance, Is there a chance that Server will be Merged? Like SA-Pearl, since they very little of player already, why not Merge them with the Server like US-Sapphire / EU-Emerald, it will make the game more lively and fun.. I guess.. But i think EU-Emerald is even more alive than US-Sapphire.. So my suggestion, why not merged SA-Pearl with US-Sapphire together? Most of the population also speak english as well..
  3. Will the link to download it be posted here? or at russian forum
  4. Will the Test Server be open during Game Update Maintenance 6 hours?
  5. Hoping Rogue is not Broken after Update.

  6. My feeling said this update is like try to balancing classes in game in term of numbers.. since rogue and bd is overpopulated.. and warlock, ranger, mage is really almost gone.. so they weaker the overpopulated class and buff the low populated class with good skills.. like warlock, ranger, mage got all good skills.. so people will switch to that class.. and the numbers of classes balanced..
  7. 1. Nickname on forum, link to your profile Kelvzs http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/user/40921-kelvzs/ 2. Name Kelvin Lie 3. Age 20 4. Country Indonesia 5. Education Graduation (Multimedia) Advertising and Marketing, IT/PC Software/Hardware. 6. Did you ever work with game communities? Yes, as "Game Sage" at Aura Kingdom Online (Retired at 2015), "Game Guard" at Soulsaver Online (Was in Highschool that time, but i quit this game already) 7. Forum administration/moderation experience Yes, "Game Sage" at Aura Kingdom Online has kinda same job as Forum Moderator, But Game Sage is real-time online at Game to help newbie players, etc 8. When you are visiting forum? (weekdays, hours /GMT, please/) All days, I play Warspear Online 10h+/day, GMT+7 9. In your opinion, what's moderator's job is all about? Help any new/old players who have an issue and help them solved it if it was still in range of our power. Make sure no dirty/offensive words posted by forum users. 10. What kind of events for the forum could you suggest to increase user's/guests interest? Make a real-time Game Sage/ Game Guard in-game online, since GM rarely online at server. Game Sage will help work with the Event, etc and make the Game more interesting, with a little token of reward for those who won the event. 11. What kind of forum contests/competitions can light up forum? (any ideas) Make a shout box for all player to speak real-time in forum to discuss something without posting/spamming forum, of course the shout box also have anti-spam like world chat in-game, max 2 shout every few secs.. 12. Why do you applying to this position? I'd happy to help Warspear, because this game is interesting, anyway i'm always participate in something like "Game Sage at Aura kingdom. 13. What forum section you would like to take care on? Any Section, Mostly, General and News/Updates. 14. Do you have Skype account? No atm, but i can make one if needed. 15. Game realm, nickname, guild US-Sapphire, Kelvzs, SiThLoRdS (Heir)
  8. And now closed in 10 mins
  9. everyone know dodge 5/5 is 9% and absolute relfexes 4/4 is 9% dodge and atk spd. u seems like only try 1st test server where absolute reflexes still give 20% at 4/4. anyway why waste your time and efford for DPS Build, when Burst Build is proved better than DPS Build.. If u know that, and still go to DPS build, then you're just waste ur money and time. @poiofrito. anyway dodge 5/5 is always 9% .. idk why people said it give 10% lol. Anyway here my Burst Rogue build, without any buff items.. only Guild buff
  10. You're dreaming too much.. there is no way to get 77% dodge even with relic buff (Maybe u use Evasion Scroll) .. Anyway lets see if your 55% atk spd and high dps will help u in dg VS axe user with high accu and crit. cause if u focus too much on atk spd u will lost many valuable other stats.. i would like to try it. your dagger dps build vs my axe accu-crit build.if u deal more dmg than me.. i will switch to dagger also. @Poiofrito If this game is not based only for PvP.. Why almost all the update Skills, Arena Award.. Its all more focused to PvP than PvE, and the only high level armor is for PvP which is season award.. Why there is no PvE armor updated such as CC Equip.. They stay super long time at Lv.20. But arena equip keep update and now its at lv.23 in regular arena shop. and 26 in season award.
  11. Bladedancer (Tank Class) ops i mean Damager. - Hamstring = 3 dots (Higher dmg than rogue "Poisonous blade") + Silent + Immobilize. Cooldown 15s. User Range : 2 Yards. (I wonder how they ham u from 2 yards away not to mention with the relic +2 yards.. so it gonna be 4 yards.. wow "Bladethrower" Rogue (Damager Class) nah its supporter now. - Poisonous Blade = 3 dots (with 1000 dmg rogue u deal 300-350) and thats all for a so called Expert skill. User range: 1 yard. Cooldown 26s. Maybe the reason Firstborn/Chosen always got a better skill because in Warspear History they are the Good Side.. Mountain Clan and Forsaken is on the Bad side..
  12. No.. rogue is not damager.. rogue is supporter now.. the real damager is bd
  13. why changed rogue "poisonous blade" its so baddddd now !!! make it stay like it is now !!! who wait 26s cooldown for x3 low dmg dots !!
  14. This is worst nerf ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skill "Poisonous Blade" Use > Atk 1x > Skill Gone > 3 dots > Wait 26s Cooldown.. LMFAO.. What kind of skill is this !!!
  15. That Relic add Yards skill usage should not have able to use on BD Hams.. BD Hams already have 2 yards range, Now gonna be 4 yards lol.. with Position bug mean, BD Hams will get u in 1 map
  16. Why Test Server OFF again? I just logged in for 8 mins and not even try all relic yet
  17. "Relic only useable for Basic skills, the first 5 skills u got"
  18. Apart from type differentiation, relics also vary in terms of quality and rarity (common, rare and unique). Common relics may be used starting from level 10, while rare and unique relics - from level 1. The quality of relics affects the skill efficiency, success chance and duration. Got it I missed this But what "Skill Efficiency" mean?
  19. What is the different of Common, Rare, Unique Relic? Is only chance of activation, or the effect also? Example: Common and Rare Relic only give 1 effect, like in the SS on top. and the Unique relic got greater effect and dmg bonus, etc.
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