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  1. My current build i use is this 36,1% Critical / 25,4% Accuracy, 13,7% Penetration / 22.5% Life Steal. With that Accuracy, I really Rarely miss, If my attack rarely miss that mean every attack i gain life steal, that life steal really useful if u farming with only 1 shaman. help heal alot.. every crit i able to heal 400-500, normal atk around 180-190. if u keep DODGE on bosses, probably shaman heal won't closed up the Boss Dmg. as u know, T3-T4 bosses hit 500-800/hit
  2. Ice ring only give damage, lost life steal and accuracy, and the high level one is kinda pricey and rare to find.. I agree with Lavalier of Fear and BR Full Set, but with them your HP gonna be very very low.. which make your survivality low. With my current build, i can tank any ayvondil T3-T4 bosses with just 1 shaman. If you change to BR Full set and Lavalier of Fear, probably u got like 3,3-3,5k HP.. and can't tank em. If you can tank them just with 1 shaman that mean u able to farm em with only 2 party members in party, which make the drop rate increased a lot.
  3. If Legions were benefited, Devs wouldn't nerfed Rogue "Absolute Reflexes" and "Poisonous Blade". "Absolute Reflexes" only active if you Dodge once, 9% Dodge, 9% Atk Spd, and if Rogue going Full Dodge, They lost all skill points they should've put at their Damage Skill. "Poisnous Blade" this so called "Expert" is real. 26s cooldown for 4 dots Low Dmg. Nerfing the Absolute Reflexes alone is huge effect on war and events, etc. Sentinels never complaining about other classes being op, because they're always more op than other classes on legion. And they always winning anyway, So why would they complain.. Anyway, Isn't Sentinel complaining and whining about Necromancer "Mental Pit" because it's too op, and because of that the "Dmg Reduce" the "Cooldown" is nerfed. So don't say "Sentinels too are/were unhappy about some skill changes but for some reason they never stay here crying and complaining about other classes being op like you guys constantly do about any Sentinel class. It's insane"
  4. Great Relic of Indomitable Blow Required level: 1 Description: Critical hit damage is increased by 20% Ok, so this one +20% on Crit DMG. This one, +12% skill dmg.. if it add to crit = 24% crit dmg? So +20% crit dmg relic not worth
  5. Introduction: Hi guys, Welcome to my guide. I'm Kelvzs, from US-Sapphire. I will share my PvE Rogue Build here. So if there is any of you who disagree or didn't like this build, you're not forced to follow it. I make this to help some Newbies or some people probably interested in my build. If there is any question you're welcome to post at the comment section / pm me. I will answer if I'm not busy. What is PvE? In short definiton, PvE (Player Versus Environment) mean we compete against Artifical Intelegence (AI) such as NPC/Monster/Bosses/Dungeons/etc in-game. What kind of build will be shared here? I will share a PvE Rogue build with Full Damage Burst Output, mean here the build will be focused on Critical, Accuracy, and Penetration stats. since we're damager and rarely tank, i don't see any reason we go for Defensive build except you're PvP Player. Also with the new agro-system, it's very rare for Rogue to get Agro from Boss now. So Life-Steal will be our Defensive here. Note: This build required Lv.28 Character, if you're less than 28, try to make up on the skill point. Why Critical? Critical mean you deal double damage, 200% of your Dmg-output, so if you're full damage burst build, this stats play the Biggest role here. Why Accuracy? We all know, even u have 25% Accuracy, you will still DODGE, but at least it's LESS DODGE, than Low Accuracy. Because the more you DODGE, mean the more u lost your Damage. DODGE = 0 Damage Deal. Why Penetration? You can count it as Damage, But this stats will give u more damage only to enemies that have High def, that u can't deal your max damage, mean its ignoring some % of enemies defense and u will gain more damage deal (this stats very important). Life Steal? This will act as our Defensive role here. If you have high-damage, high-crit, Life steal is very useful, It's the best stats in-game. Skill-Points Build I will directly share my build I use right now, since I can't find another build for Full Damage Burst build. If you have any idea, you're welcome to post in the comment below. For the main skill: Merciless Strike [5/5] Main Damage Skill. Gouge [3/5] One of your control-skill. Stealth [5/5] Increase Dmg by 50% for 1 High Dmg Hit, or invisible 15s. Kick in the back [1/5] Mostly only used if you're PvP Dodge Build. Dodging [1/5] Only used if you're going for Dodge Build. For the Expert Skill: Elusive Jump [1/4] Another Damage skill, but not Crit-able. Ricochet [4/4] Deal 200% of Damage when crit and many target. (Higher than Jump) this skill is very useful and also can be used as Healing, if you're have high Life Steal. Sinister Strike [4/4] Debuff skill, -35% Defense of target. Extermination [1/4] Buff skill cooldown and Atk speed, short time, so i don't think it's worth to spend skill points on it. Flurry of Steel [1/4] Very-Low Damage, but Low cooldown time. Poisonous Blade [1/4] Skill is kinda broken due the high cooldown for 4 dots. Equipment For the Equipment, since we go for PvE, of course we will choose gear without Resilience. and give the highest Critical, Accuracy, and Penetration we can get. Here I will directly recommend the Equipment I use for PvE, or you can directly Inspect me at US-Sapphire Kelvzs. First the Weapon, I'm highly recommended 1h-Axe. Why? Because we go for Full-Damage Output. and 1h-Axe give the most damage now. So the weapon i recommend is this. Battle Chopper of Devastation Lv.23, Why? There is no more doubt. of course because this axe give all the stats we need !!, it's the best Axe for PvE in my opinion for now. It's obtainable from Tree of Season Heroic Mode. Second the Armor, I'm highly recommended this Burning Rage Helm, and Burning Rage Armor. Obtainable from CC Shop It give Bonuses Crit Stats, which really helpful for this build. Belt of Eternal Frost, It have Critical, HP, and Accuracy, this belt is very good and have good stats. Obtainable from Christmas Event (Snowy Bound Map) Infinity Reliability Bracelets. It have Crit, and Penet, with 15% HP bonus, this glove is very good for PvE Build. and give good amount of damage. Obtainable from Craft. Boots of Elusive One, What?!? Why we use Arena Stuff for PvE, Well for now. Because there is no another Boots which give Crit and HP bonus, except the low level Deep Lords Boots Lv.20. But we need more Crit % !!, So i think it's ok if only 1 part. Third the Accecories, I'm highly recommended: Cloak of Darkmist (Obtainable in Haloween Event Horror Circus Map) This cloak give Damage, and Life Steal stats. and why not Chiton of Darkmist? Well we're rogue, in-case someday you wanted to change your build to dodge, you don't need to get another Cloak. Lavalier of Darkmist (Obtainable in Haloween Event Horror Circus Map) This Amulet have HP, and Life Steal Stats. Signet of Darkmist (Obtainable in Haloween Event Horror Circus Map) This ring have Damage and Accuracy with Life Steal too !! This ring have all the important stats u need.. It's very good. Possible Stats to get with this Equipment set Without Guild Buff: 36,7% Critical / 18,8% Accuracy, 10,3% Penetration / 22,5% Life Steal 30,1% Critical / 25,4% Accuracy, 7,7% Penetration / 22,5% Life Steal With Guild Buff Lv.8 42,7% Critical / 18,8% Accuracy, 16,3% Penetration / 22,5% Life Steal 36,1% Critical / 25,4% Accuracy, 13,7% Penetration / 22.5% Life Steal With decent HP about 4500 Alright, thats all for now.. I hope this help some people, Thank's for your time reading it all up.. I hope u enjoy it. Sorry for the bad english, since english is not my main language. But at least you understand it is enough hehe.. Likes if u like this build. Leave your comment below if there any suggestion. Thank you all.
  6. Eww changed to 10%,, not 20% anymore better use +12% dmg now
  7. There is no "Great Relic of High Mastery" ? The one u can re-use skill without cooldown
  8. Ayvondil T4 Daily Quest "Live Bait Fishing : Polished Tetrarch" placed at Right side of Engineer Map, the Bait there doesn't spawn after i afk there for 30mins.
  9. How about at Technopolis DG, The Towers Area mobs... My party DK keep spamming Death call, but Healer still get attacked by mobs and instant dead (Well u know how many mobs are there *lol*)
  10. Btw, I tried Dodge 50% at T4 Ayvondil Mobs/Mini Bosses.. Its pop out rarely.. I tried Parry 15,6% at T4 Ayvondil Mobs/Mini Bosses.. Its pop out more than 50% dodge. Ya why its like this? Dodge only work for PvP with players who have Low Accuracy, for PvE is so bad
  11. Dev, When i can log my rogue? It's so sad i can't get into my Main Rogue Name: Kelvzs.. I can't enjoy the new update
  12. Will the character issue will be fixed too? Cuz i still can't log my rogue.. I hope after Maintenance everything is ok.
  13. Unique Relic can be obtained from Raid Bosses/Dungeons.. Writed at #2 Preview
  14. NICE !! Maybe that list of people if they Deposit or Withdraw Stuff from WH.. Prevent Scammer.
  15. For some reason, I can't log with my Rogue, but if i make a new character i can log.. If i log with my shaman i can log.. ONLY ROGUE CAN'T !!! why !!!!!!!!!!!
  16. lol, can't play at all.. keep restoring connection... RIP.. i tried on my android and pc both are same.
  17. OMG Logged > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game > 1s > Restoring Connection > Connecting > Enter Game ,,, This is keep happen at my PC.. What should i do?
  18. I download already, kinda stuck at the 857kb update when i start the game, and then it said "Update Error" Then its finally done update i keep trying, after i logged in, i instantly get kicked out "Restoring connection" keep repeat same things..
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