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  1. Yes !! Make Silence effect for rogue !! with Silence u can still do auto atk.
  2. Kelvzs

    Skyfire Ring

    Ring of Incredible Power !!! The craft Lv.25
  3. May the game bless me with drop in this week :P

  4. Rogue need a skill with Silence Effect or Stun Skill. BD "Hamstring" is count as Immobilize + Silence (similar to stun) + Dmg
  5. What u mean? It's present also.. Since u must keep agro as tank now, else your healer get rekt by mobs cuz of healing.
  6. Just like R0land said, this game made balanced in term of group fight. We all know, PvP 1v1 is unbalanced no matter what u do, except u PvP a same class. Btw, - Shaman "Fire Totem" is not hit 1 target, if there is alot of target there, it hit 1 player Randomly.. - Necro "Mental Pit" it seems like this skill not anymore op since ferocity update, with max fero +10 player they still hit very hard even on 4/4 Mental pit effect. Btw even in Group Fight, Paladin is very op, before the things u said "But when you consider MC's Mental Pit, complete Stun cycles from Lock and DK, and wait too long disable time from Necro, a Paladin would die without casting any skill" Will your teammates will allow that to happen? and "Paladins are weak in defense." Considering it in Group Fight, That weak defense already covered by others.
  7. With current skill paladin have and you guys still not satisfied damn... A tank with 2 AoE Stun skill, 1 Single Target Stun skill, 1 Dmg skill , 1 Heal skill, 1 AoE Dmg skill. What u need to ask more?
  8. 1. since we talking about PvP here.. so the only skill involved in paladin with magic dmg, Sun Seal - Banner.. and other magic dmg skill for paladin. 2. Nope. I've seen Paladin with his 670+ Magic with Full Mdmg accecories + Priest buff etc.. (Well since you always fight in party sure you have many dmg buff) And 1 thing is Koreaworld banner hit me 1k alone.. Not OP enough?
  9. Fact #137 Good tank know how to tank, how to keep agro, how to stay alive, how to save, and always prepared for emergency stuff, not depended on healer's heal alone, and ready to save party members. If u lack of even 1 of that, then you're trash/garbage tank. (specialy in pve)
  10. Answer: 1. Is paladin already OP or not? 2. By the equip avaiable now, Paladin can even get almost 700 Magic Dmg.. It's already OP or not?
  11. Fact #137 The old Warspear is more challenging than the current Warspear. Fact #138 If you don't want a bug position, go move to the country where the server is.
  12. I understand if a class is weak and ask for more buff.. But the class is already overpowered and keep asking more is real. They even make 1h-mace with magic stats on first stat now for the highest level equipment now. You guys always got to use the best equipment, then what for MC? Always use lower level weapon than elves. 1h-mace with pdmg.. And another trash/garbage drop for MC side.. 1h-mace, Spear, with magic stats. Bow, Cbow.
  13. Paladin already OP.. AoE Stun Jump (Idk what the skill name), Fetter, and the skill that push you and stunned again... (idk the skill name) Tanker is not Damager.. If all class can high deal dmg, then what is the use for another dps class. I don't see anything need for paladin anymore.. Magic Dmg Arena Award? Are u trying to heal like a Priest? or you want your banner hit 3k crit.. There is alot of choice to go magic dmg build for paladin.. I see some pala have 500-600 mdmg with full mdmg accecories.. Ya u want to get 700+ mdmg and be another successor of "the mighty unbalanced Hero" title after BD.
  14. hahaha talk w/e u want but u only talk about your 1v1 and unable to accept the fact about your overwhelming advantage in winning
  15. A little fix. Dodge Each percentage increases the chance of success to dodge enemies attack. Dodge works for all classes. ps: dodge % decreased/affected by opponent Accuracy %.Parry Each percentage increases the chance of success to escape enemies with melee attack. Parry works for all classes. ps: the chance of parrying is greater than dodging and not affected by accuracy. (pure chances %) Block Each percentage increases the chance of success to block enemies attack. Block only works when using shield (tank class). ps: the blocking chance is greater than dodge and parry and not affected by accuracy (pure chances %)
  16. in 1v1 no class is balanced.. the game is made balanced for group fight.. so in group fight necro is really good.. but u die fast maybe because u didnt use resil stuff in arena,, anyway necro always targetted first in arena, so u must evade em as good as u can to keep distance between u and enemy and support your mate.
  17. Plus, lately not only Cbow/Bow is useless in Legion side.. Even 1h-Mace and Spears dropped in new DGs (Specialy the new level 25/26 update) with Magic Dmg in 1st stats which made specialy for paladin (Sentinel side).. So yes.. Legion side must have lower level weapon used then Sentinel side always.. This is why our Legion side is always weaker than Sentinel.
  18. Preparation for amp: 1. Brace yourself either it's success or fail to amp (Believe in your luck) 2. Don't get yourself depressed if u fail to amp. (Want to amp, get ready to waste/loss some) 3. Accept everything u got if not up then "I'll try again later"
  19. As a PvE rogue and DGs-Spammer in Legion side.. As long as i didn't get Bow im good.. But if i get one i will just "Oh well.. Maybe it's not my lucky day.." Well fortunately so far i only get 2-3 Bow Drops I hope i didn't get em in the future.. But lately.. There is not only Bow/Cbow is useless.. Even the 1h-Mace, and Spear Lv.25 is a bad luck to get.. cause of the Magic Dmg in first stats that only suited for paladin.. and useless in Legion side.. Like one of my friends, 2 hours dungeon run and got 3 bows.. In Luck u can said he really lucky to be able to get 3 weapons from DG with low drop rate.. But just wrong weapon for Legion side
  20. Ikr.. they should've make at least 1 class from legion using bows.. ya why only elf side got a ranged-dps..
  21. I believe they said if they remove Bow/Xbow drop from MC side, then all the weapon drop rate on MC side will increased.. So they said they can't do that..
  22. I believe very long ago its already added.. the dealer at Nadir connect both elves and mcs market.. but they removed it. But still, they said save Xbow/Bow for future use update its like there is 3rd Faction update that MC side will able to use bows.. But it's already 7 years by the time the new classes pop out, all bows is cheap already..
  23. Will this fix the bug about "Stealth potion" and "Unbalanced glow on dual-weilder" also?
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