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  1. New arena set thats how i like to be equip. Thats wat i called perfect set :-D back in the game guys see u around
  2. 800 n crit heal ng pala ko 420 normal lvl2aura lvl5heal sarap
  3. paladin needs progress... or even put skill cooldown lower paladin heal is useless :(
  4. gwapito

    Mage skills

    time warp lvl5 stone shat lvl5 chain lvl5 :D awesome killer
  5. spongeboob name ko mga pre mage o pala :D
  6. then once again ill deffend it with my new paladin :D
  7. Jealousssseee boy ;D wat ever! :tease:
  8. Jealoussseeee boy ;D wat ever!
  9. n how if brain+monney=u cry,run,hide,call mommy n den spam for rich pple ;D
  10. ;DAs soon as possible ;D
  11. ;D missed u all. Nice lvl18bow shy .. Miz ko n rin c knox na bata.. :P sana buo pa ang tropa muzta kau lahat
  12. Arena set will only be good if u use full set no reason using it ifur not aiming for war
  13. :facepalm:get back dude.. N btw finally my weddings coming this may,n my gf says hi to u rap ;D
  14. Tnx drink ako sure n stay kami d2 gawa lng ako isa pakadin para sa asawa ko mag lalaro let cya after wedding cguradong login to kill n nman un pg nglaro kasama ko :D
  15. :rofl:wer u playin now oldman, i try wom but its boring
  16. :wacko: f@c the way u are, ur just a bug dsturbance for noob elfs hunting..The reak best ranger since from the start was RAPGEAR hope to see him soon ;D
  17. San n c xenophon d ko na nakikita :(
  18. Haha welcome. Hope to grow our clan more bigger. Cncya mga pre sobra bussy lng for now till end of nay. Cuz of my up coming wedding. Goodluck sa lhat ng pinoy
  19. F@ck wat the hell happen to you u didnt say anything when u liv. Miz u so much rap... If u want to start over ill be here for u always. Goodluck goodguy
  20. Well i earn 2.5k. euro every month as a chief cook. Doing xtra n hotel n i can get 3k n if theres good tip coming i can have more additional payment in every month, spending most 3% of my monney here. At my age 23yrs old now i think its not possible in future to earn more if i can get the pro cook title. Theres nothing possible if love the way u do ur work.
  21. I love necromancer in any rpg i play. But all pro in warspear will take forsaken side :( no fun if theres no pro enemy :D
  22. Ill make necromancer n keep on summoning dead corpse OP skill
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