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  1. New arena set thats how i like to be equip. Thats wat i called perfect set :-D back in the game guys see u around
  2. 800 n crit heal ng pala ko 420 normal lvl2aura lvl5heal sarap
  3. paladin needs progress... or even put skill cooldown lower paladin heal is useless :(
  4. gwapito

    Mage skills

    time warp lvl5 stone shat lvl5 chain lvl5 :D awesome killer
  5. spongeboob name ko mga pre mage o pala :D
  6. then once again ill deffend it with my new paladin :D
  7. Jealousssseee boy ;D wat ever! :tease:
  8. Jealoussseeee boy ;D wat ever!
  9. n how if brain+monney=u cry,run,hide,call mommy n den spam for rich pple ;D
  10. ;DAs soon as possible ;D
  11. ;D missed u all. Nice lvl18bow shy .. Miz ko n rin c knox na bata.. :P sana buo pa ang tropa muzta kau lahat
  12. Arena set will only be good if u use full set no reason using it ifur not aiming for war
  13. :facepalm:get back dude.. N btw finally my weddings coming this may,n my gf says hi to u rap ;D
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