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  1. I agree with you Vanhelsing. :good:
  2. Até que enfim brasileiros começaram a chegar... Qualquer coisa mandem mensagem: Bruce Emerald Human Class - Shaman Rank4
  3. Believe me, i already did that but sometimes people don't answer or don't accept party, and most of time they aren't online when I'm. :(
  4. How can I max all 3 professions if I don't see nobody online to help me with the boss quests and other quests that I can't kill mob alone !?
  5. Nice tips, hope some players learn something with this tips. Some guys in party just run away until the boss evade :facepalm:
  6. I'm still playing on the 0.6.0 with no problems... I think I will download only the next update. :unknw:
  7. This topic make me wanna delete my shaman rank 4 right now! :sorry:
  8. Yeah, I remember you was and sometimes I try to message you but you're always offline, I still need some help, please try to message me when you see me online !
  9. Nice² I need a team in Emerald (Human Class) Rank 3+ to kill some bosses.
  10. Bruce


    Just because you are saying in every post to add spells in the next update it doesn't make it faster.
  11. Are you really thinking about the next update right now ?
  12. Bruce


    One more Troll detected !?
  13. Please if you are reading this and was in my team long time before the update let me know.
  14. I'll check when I go to the new area, i'm still stucked on the final bosses because don't have a team :facepalm:
  15. Até que enfim encontrei algum brasileiro por aqui, mas é o seguinte, eles já falaram uma vez que só vão traduzir se tiver um número grande de pessoas de tal país jogando. Seus amigos que tem que parar com essa frescura de que só jogarão se for em português porque eu duvido muito que alguém para realmente pra ler o texto inteiro de todas quests, só clicam em accept e complete mesmo.
  16. No friends list! :facepalm: I know you didn't say it would be in this update... but, seriously, try to add soon as possible. I need to find some guys to kill the final bosses and I don't remember the nickname of the guys who helped me some time ago :unknw:
  17. I would like to help, but my free trial is over :x
  18. Nice job Azebu :clapping: I'll try to help when I have an extra time.
  19. It's a good idea and easy to do now since the game isn't too big, would be easy to add all informations about the game now. :good:
  20. Bruce

    Good Idea!

    I agree with Warspear must be p2p, but, since the update didn't come yet, I suggest you change the 5 days trial to something like 10 days free... I don't know, its just an idea because I live in Brazil and my free trial is over, but I can't pay by SMS until the update, so I would like to play a bit more waiting for the update. :pardon:
  21. Bruce

    smiles in the game chat

    Same as me and I agree with adding to forum.
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