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    Tung4u got a reaction from Blazeferno in We Want Counterattack Back (at least for PvM)!   
    Hamstring is silence+dot, root is silence, fetter is silence and cage is silence. If refer to stun yeah we sentinels lack of stun but that doesnt mean we have no stun at all.
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    Tung4u reacted to Blazeferno in We Want Counterattack Back (at least for PvM)!   
    Oh 1 question: Why no silence skill in elf side
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    Tung4u got a reaction from bkluesky in Legendary set   
    Legendary Berengar Armour
    These armour are different from heroic grade set they have the same 2 extra stats for all set but if you use full set then 1 extra skill will be added(no need to add skill point). the skill is like event skill but it has its own version.
    1. Heavy set: add 15% def and mdef to user, 20energy, cooldown 30 sec
    2. light set: increase 10% crit and attack speed, 20 energy, cooldown 30 sec
    3. cloth set: add 10% magic attack to user, 30 energy, cooldown 35 sec.
    how to get: its almost the same as BG quest but in ayvondil, where you help civilian and defeat boss to finish the quest. you can buy the helmet and armor in the new city of ayvondil but needs reputation like chainless league quest, the rest is hunting from certain bosses
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