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  1. For the last time, I didn't spam this time, again COMPARE MY POST RATE WITH THE OLD ONE
  2. Many rep. scrolls at market are priced at 1.8k on the market on us My response to that: getfukd
  3. Mmmm, man I've got so many fans, too bad I got framed by either new/corrupted mods in this one, comparing to the way I used to post, I posted way less replies, but meh there are always corrupted/new mods EDIT: Ik you're not a corrupted mod redbird but I'd suggest reading the catalogue before you perm everybody lol EDIT 2: I think if I spam again (I didn't this time) I'll get a 20-30 days mute since bask got muted for 2 days for racism EDIT 3: That ^^^^ doesn't mean I agree with the rule EDIT 4: You guys went off-topic, shouldn't mute me for that then EDIT 5: Peeps are gettin' rich so fast off Chronus
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