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  1. This is so sad , tomorrow I will start a new one.
  2. Basically u ignore %52 of the incoming damage. This is a tank.
  3. https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/67417 %42 dodge , %28 resist. All +7 items no great charm. If you have any kind of max hp increasing items(craft ones) or ferocity skill book you can make some changes. I strongly suggest thay maximize all your dodge skills and get all dodge releated relics.
  4. Omercix

    Hunter sapping shot

    In fact you mentioned in a very important point. Skills that are doing similar effects should work in a similar way too. I mean if necro's mental pit and bd's sap is working on bosses, hunter' sap should work too.
  5. However, maybe they will not release the game in China officially because there are already thousands of chinese players in the game. This table is created at 2012 and do not say anything about the amplification succes ratio.
  6. Wew, I choosed my region as Turkey and I am not able to join this testing round now
  7. Are we sure about this? I remember that , everytime when I try to do this achievment on one of my chars, I start from kronus lab and rotate. Actually the second part is the normal lab.
  8. Also that arena achievments in the legendary category should give some achievment points or special gifts(something like a title could be nice,it could be like in a red color next to your name, like <Legend> Etea ). Also I am pretty sure that there will be new achievments with the upcoming level 30 update.
  9. I am both happy and sad right now I did not expect this title since I quit the game , this is why I am posting so late. It was always an honor for me to be a part of this community and it will always be so. I get so many friends from different cities and countries around the world via this game. Friends that I've never seen in real life but I trust more then most of the friends in my real life. I am sad now because , this beautiful community is dying now. Friends are quiting game, players leaving the arinar, and there are no competition and fun in the game anymore. I hope everything will be better this year in the game and we can play the game with the excitement and pleasure of the old days. I am sorry about this part , I was not here for a long time But I am back now. Atleast for some time , I mean until I open my chests
  10. I did not , also I did not opened this topic , someone who opened this topic probably deleted his\her messages.
  11. This is so bad, all of them should stack otherwise it does not make sense.
  12. I have 8.5k def now , and yes today I deleted the game from my phone too, I will stay here for discussing just like you.
  13. Killing lvl13 players is so much fun , nice video
  14. I aggree with you but I can tank mobs and boss at hard techno easily because that mobs are hitting melee. Take 2 necro with you who has full posionous shield and you can tank every dungeon or boss with a massive mob spam , if mobs are melee. Actually this skill was very strong before , now it has +%12 pene. It is a huge buff for me.
  15. Seasons should take 1-2 week atmost I think, so that arena matches will be more dinamic and more challenged.
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