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  1. On 12/29/2019 at 2:31 PM, lallouss said:

    that 1 hit relic yes its in pic but the 15sec relic i didnt activate it in that pic

    i can get +15% more from events


    30% from pot


    this setup is for fun xD lets say u find a boss that hits you alot damage, put this gear on and boom boss = dead jejejej

    "Swamp slug disliked this comment"

  2. 11 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    Would be cool, but good luck getting 100 people to demand when you need lose pt for 2v2.

    If people would love it( and yeah they will definitely like it) they will demand xd. And level difference would not effect so much or level could be fixed to something (for example everyone atuomaticly get to level 20 when they enter this map and you can use your skill points to whatever skill you want).


    @Reivenorikwhat do you think?:thumbs_up1:

  3. Idea is simple, classic battle royale mod. People demand this mode like normal arena and 100 people from elves and mc enter a map like irselnort. Then a random way appears on map where you can choose a place to jump. Everyone start this mode naked and there are homes and chest around the map where you can find standard armours and accesories which has different levels(lvl1-2-3) and weapons of different kinds where some of them better than others(grey-blue-purple weapons). Also you can find different kind of pots(hp-mana and other buffs) in these places. Apart from these people could find runes and crystals too in these places which corresponds to attachments in the classical battle royal where you can add to weapons. Then a random red circles appears on map and starts to shrink, if you stay outside of the circle you get a debuff which deal periodical damage(like t3-t4 map debuff). The difference from the classical battle royal is players have different classes which have different skills. We can make this mod only basic skills mod to make it more fair. 


    What do you think about this idea, let me know 

  4. On 10/11/2018 at 2:50 PM, Reivenorik said:

    It sounds interesting, I will pass on the idea to the developers. :thumbs_up1:
    We will think about it. :true_story1:

    Its nice to see that some ideas are implemented into the game.


    @Reivenorik Suggested many times before but please , implementing this is not so hard . Why we dont have this option?  Do you guys dont want to share the statistics of the skills?

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