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  1. Real tony quited,cos hes busy with his real life. Like he said in his post LINK
  2. 2 dagges usefull for rogue,if ur net not too slow u can spam skills faster tested on my low lvl rogue. :)
  3. add this too :)elf got 5% extra dark magic defence mc got 5% extra sun magic defence
  4. Maintenance without notification. :facepalm:too bad. :bad:
  5. I got dc and cant login my char in sapphire,ive tryed on my low lvl char in emerald, i can online ther. Now i cant connect in sapphire,selected game realm is not available. :bad:
  6. I just logged and try to switch char but my screen keeps connecting :wacko: and after few min its Could not connect to server. Is ther any new update? :unknw:
  7. Wew thats gud,thanks for ur reply.
  8. Our hopes on you,if u cant fix soon u will lose ur costumers and our intrest :(
  9. Check the date of ur post can u keep ur words? Fix Italy sms service and my frend said singapore is listed in sms already but still they cant buy via sms why?
  10. sakray n pen will back in new update.:yahoo:1.Afro ;) 2.Sakray & Pendekar :friends: 3.Jakarta 4.Linaaa 5.Cintamu 6.Bluedrago 7.Aditjiu 8.Tonydark :wacko: 9.Andox 10. Hitkaze
  11. Total 3 wtb drop on sapp 1 elf side forget his/her name :wacko: 2 mc side :spiteful: posiedon has too and now kiez
  12. xeli

    Can't connect

    Thanks now i can on.but 2 mc party's at astral 2nd boss all dc n died :bad: ;D
  13. xeli

    Can't connect

    Wew :shok: More surprises in APRIL. :lol:
  14. xeli

    Can't connect

    I can't login either. :facepalm: I was in astral and suddenly slow conn icon appeared. Now stuck on conneting.... :wacko: :wacko:
  15. Yaaaye finally :yahoo: One question can we trade with friendly faction? :unknw:
  16. W.T.Baton old look was gud orange colour stave in 1.0 They didnt changed the look of astral 2h 17lvl axe,its look same like arena axe :bad:
  17. Who is the front line warrior?? 8)
  18. I think they dont want money now,thy unblocked sms option for malaysia and singapore sms is still blocked,when they increased mc for indonesian 120 to 180 now.but sms for india is still same just 10mc per sms. :facepalm: Plz fix sms payment system asap. :(
  19. xeli


    Thr are two type of mail armour's 1.bd 2.barb. :)
  20. Main thing is this game is more expensive then any mmo,poor people cant buy m.coing,rest other are minors and dont hav a paypal or country is not listed in sms paymnt. :( Devs must fix sms payment and add more country's, so ppl atleast hav few mcoins to buy crystal's and runes.. About server im agree better merge EU and US. :friends:
  21. Garr Shag : why my club break so fast now?? :cray: And scroll of repair is expensive now. :facepalm:
  22. Who dont likes icecream ;D
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