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    Siddu got a reaction from Speedom in [2017.07.24] The week of bounty, everyone!   
    What about penetrate books?
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    Siddu reacted to Gladiator in BAN THIS SCAMMER   
    I don't think that you can prove anything with chats, no real actions involved in selling/buying are proven.
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    Siddu reacted to miinie in BAN THIS SCAMMER   
    lol u crazy? u never send to me nothing and i was joking bcz u was pm me many times when i told u i cant sell it.. why u no show true.. i never scanm nobody.. 
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    Siddu reacted to Higgings in BAN THIS SCAMMER   
    Both of the people here are wrong.
    1st: As julie said, SELLING/BUYING/trading accounts will lead to the permanent bann. You shouldn't have bought the account as first. I don't know how could Support Team help in such cases, tbh.
    2nd: Yes, you can anyway report him for Selling account using real money. But If you are asking AIGRIND to refund you, it's a lost battle even before starting. 
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    Siddu reacted to Peter_Munk in [2017.04.27] Update Warspear Online 6.5: Gladiators of Arinar. Release.   
    All equipment will be untouched if it was like that when you deleted it. Relics as well. And what bag contains
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    Siddu got a reaction from Yonutz95 in [2016.09.13] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview   
    Stop complaining about bd's skills each character have different skills nd useful.
    If I want to say , what about Rouge's invisible skill? Nd 3 or 4hits dodges. only rouge can kill any character bcz rouge can play hide nd seek.
    Warlocks more stuns now another stun it's hard to kill warlock from any character.
    Dk more stuns nd barb also grate with CD nd shamans too. Ofc elfs skills r op too Druid stuns op , bd counter op nd ranger can be killed by others easily in PvP . Priest nd nicro also good . So we have options to choose grate character everything is going good. Don't say Rouge's skills r op nd bd skills r op nd druid stuns r op nd warlocks stuns r crazy nd dks stuns well bla blaaaa blaaaa , Play Ur play ,don't think about other characters think about ur charecter nd make them good =-O
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    Siddu reacted to Morgana in [2016.09.13] Update Warspear Online 6.1 Preview   
    Find your own skill build
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    Siddu got a reaction from Urscrewed in why rangers so weak?   
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    Siddu got a reaction from bkluesky in [2016.07.28] Meet new administrator!   
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