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  1. Lol , with out improving graphics any game won't be continue ... I bet ... Ages changing for improvement
  2. Ty for response Mr.Roland but ws wont be continue like this I wanna play life time this game bcz we r taking this game like a work in a real world ... I invited a lot of friends here they don't like to play ws bcz of only low graphics.. I know u ppl like ur pixel style ... I hope u understand ppl hearts
  3. Everything is good but graphics r too low all games r going in these days very realistic so take a look other games graphics ...we r not in 2000 its 2016 I hope so ws also can make it soon ..ty:)
  4. Omg, what happend? Again the same issue I'm unable to login its showing connecting , mobile: lava iris x8
  5. Roland , when will server up? Its showing connecting still ... Tell us a time I have been checking for 1hr (open the app ńd closing) if u given a time we will wait until then
  6. Im unable to login ws its showing continue...net is running perfectly Mobile: Lava iris x8
  7. I love this guild always , Guild members have good helping nature ....Go Go Bd I'm with u XD
  8. Roland tell us time when will server up , too sleeply
  9. Peter , only pros r getting all drops ńd Cronus items what about normal players please make double % drops to dgs hard .. You do think always about pros
  10. r0land my priest didn't get chests yesterday why like that his name is smartxm ... Hope send it
  11. I can't wait any more, how long will it take? Plz do as much as u can ...
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