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  1. Hi admin or tech team,


    My character name is Rockymm. US-REALM I'm unable to open any character in my pc or mobile through my wifi (Everything running well except warspears online). I would like to know the reason why you people blocked me. If i open mobile ws application or in pc it shows seems to be, waiting for your reply, Thank you.



  2. I have recently deleted my all charecters but I wanted make a new bd in us-sapphier but it says "There are too many heroes of the selected faction in this game realm. Select either a hero from another faction or another Realm".Why should I go to another Realm ? Nd it says try it another hero ...If your system tell which charecter I should choose why others? 

  3. Daria@ no one farming bosses it's too hard for all levels nd adds also responding every 30sec ... we tried 22-24lvl with 2 good damger nd a tank 1k damge nd 6.5k def nd good healers , we were attcking only adds they were reborn quickly too much hard nd adds making damge also high.. if those bosses still like it all bosses r useless to farm , ty

  4. Valdemar's costume can get drop from Valdemar boss nd also from chests thats the myouren asked above.

    From myouren: come on devs!!..there should be a chance to get Valdemar's costume :

    To myouren: Oh, you are absolutely right, thank you! Added


    "Players of 18 to 28 level will get Valdemar's Chest that may contain:


    - Valdemar's costume and Widow’s dress

    - common empower relics".

    @ skynate xd

  5. The Warspear Online 6.1 update will be available next week and will bring new expert skills, significant changes in already existing ones, an improved aggression system,"" new dynamic events "", as well as several further major changes. We'll cover some of them right now, but the information on the most interesting of these will only be available with the update.


    @daria ... what about new dynamic events?

  6. So many bugs ...

    1@ Chat bug when I'm chatting or selling goods on trade chat my key pad is unable to open.

    2@ I have a bd, i cant see my skill animations like if I used sonic boom or counter attack or shiled those skills working but I can't see shiled nd other all basic nd normal skills.

    3@ when I was playing if I minimize app ws just sec even ws app also closing suddenly .I have other characters for trading when I wanted to see goods update wthere goods sell or not.


    Please check it nd fix those bugs . thank you.

  7. Stop complaining about bd's skills each character have different skills nd useful.

    If I want to say , what about Rouge's invisible skill? Nd 3 or 4hits dodges. only rouge can kill any character bcz rouge can play hide nd seek.

    Warlocks more stuns now another stun it's hard to kill warlock from any character.

    Dk more stuns nd barb also grate with CD nd shamans too. Ofc elfs skills r op too Druid stuns op , bd counter op nd ranger can be killed by others easily in PvP . Priest nd nicro also good . So we have options to choose grate character everything is going good. Don't say Rouge's skills r op nd bd skills r op nd druid stuns r op nd warlocks stuns r crazy nd dks stuns well bla blaaaa blaaaa , Play Ur play ,don't think about other characters think about ur charecter nd make them good =-O

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