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  1. Me and a couple of my fellow acquintances from the game have come up with an idea of making a possible change into something most of us have known as a certainty over the years. This is a matter of pvp, and this is more like a shoutout to every player in the ''Region''. As we all know for sure, we've come to call a location ''Secret cave'' on Irselnort-The Ash coast, (Map 2), our ''pvp cave''. This so called pvp cave has been somewhat a location where a lot of us gather during our free time, either to chill or as many does, to even pvp. Each of us to our own deeds. Now, this idea of mine and a few others, would be to move from this old ''habit based'' location to somewhere new and actually a lot better one. This new location can be found on Ayvondil, a short walk from Town number 1 for each ''mc'' and for the elven classes. This area is called ''The halls of Discord''. From both Towns there would be an equal walk to this location, since there appears to be 2x of the same location. Ayvondil's town area and more specificly, the following area below the first Castle, is a safe zone. No more cave blockings for those who doesn't like it, plus this area is quite a lot bigger in size compared to our regular PvP cave. Enough space to have a proper pvp, instead of our small cave that is getting low on space due to new incomers that have not been around there before. Certainly, old habits die hard and our little cave is quite homey in it's own way, but still, here's a little something to chew on. Anyone would still be able to come to this location. I'm sure some of us allready know this humble house, but for those who doesn't, go check it out. Very easy to find, just go 2 locations up from either of the first Towns on Ayvondil. The actual area location for each of these ''Halls of Discord'' entrance is called ''West Gate'' and ''East Gate''. PS: Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments. Thank You.
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