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  1. @Daria @Peter_Munk One more year and I thing you guys should do something similar for the upcoming events 😁
  2. You're not understanding me... 1k heal (no battle mode) 500 heal (battle mode) 2k (bug)... before i spend 1 oblivion boom to record this video, i tested the bug many times.
  3. The problem is, if i was in battle mode and left the area (leaving the battle mode as well) my dk would heal only 1k... this bug was making it double. Edit: Yes, i'm with all the possible buffs, cause my idea was to show the maximum reg on this bug.
  4. Because it's a penalty. Necromancer loses HP when heal, Dk loses HP when activate saturation... It's normal
  5. When we had the relics update, all the relics was on market for 1 coin. So if they didn't change the price of the item in the market, is because they don't need test that.
  6. The things we are testing is already 1 mcoin, why should they set everything 0 mcoin? Sometimes the people forget the main idea of the "Test server".
  7. Switcheroo: Troca o personagem e um inimigo enquanto desacelera o personagem por um período de tempo. A descrição da skill já diz isso. O Warden fica mais lento como uma penalidade pela skill. Necro cura perde hp, Dk usa saturação perde hp... É só uma penalidade mesmo, não bug.
  8. The updates are almost always developed for the last lvl of the game. So if you're not lvl 28 or in a lvl 5 guild + you know that its only up to you.
  9. Note que você está no fórum internacional, aqui você tem que postar em Inglês... Ainda assim você pode postar qualquer dúvida ou reclamação em Português no Fórum Português. https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/forum/116-fórum-português/
  10. Was added a legendary achievements. They usually add new achievements when new lvl comes.
  11. The only changes we had was basically on the new skills... So there's no need to give it to low levels.
  12. Ainda não. Vamos com calma, o nerf foi nem aonde precisava ser nerfado e nem enfraqueceu tanto assim. O nerf necessário seria na skill passiva de block que deixa o Warden tankando cidades inteiras por minutos. Vamos esperar nas próximas atts.
  13. Durante a manutenção do jogo, o servidor de testes ficará aberto sim.
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