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  1. Wow! This is awesome. I'm really looking forward to this update!
  2. I can hardly wait. I always love the spring event!
  3. I did a redo and took the ss myself.
  4. Nosotraes, that's my crit. Im Willowbow. You can clearly see in the pic that Praecisio(my husband), the lvl15 range in the screenshot, took the screenshot for me. I was pretty proud of it. There's too many haters here
  5. Oh yay! I love events ❤ I hope there are more chest sales this time
  6. This spring event is a lot of fun but I still have absolutely no idea what most of the little event things are. No one else seems to know either. I have been awarded for a few events that I literally was afk and not even participating lol.
  7. To all those who were stuck with me in 2*2 arena I apologize. I'm horrible at pvp and am just trying to get the arena achievements:D I've done it 10+ times and still only have 4 wins. Yes, I'm a pvp noob
  8. I know you idolize Swaaz and all but you remind me more of Pvprange
  9. You never fail at making me happy
  10. LMAO!! She got me too. Asked for a gift and everything
  11. My husband is not a hacker lol. He bought a LOT of signs and wasted 4sets on his spear that didn't amp at all! He got lucky on the gloves. Don't be jealous
  12. Yes I got a cbow... It was nice! What all does the Hydra Spirit drop? Today I got energy essence and a unity sign at the same time! But I heard it drops a number of different things. I'm curious as to what.
  13. I like being able to amp my stuff. And I don't mind buying mcoins to buy signs. Dont forget, mcoin buyers help fund the game! I do however think we should be able to buy signs of imperishability in the arena shop!! That would definitely make it more fair and interesting for the people who can't afford mcoins.
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