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  1. First nearly any class dies in the ham rush combo from bd when they have 1.1k+50% fero not to mention their power of the blades expert but yeah I agree dks are too op
  2. Druids has op stun cycles that can easily kill any class, wardens can tank mc towns, palas have an op stun chain like druids, rangers outdamage any mc class and have more stuns than rogue and bd only need to use ham to win. Where as locks have stun chain like hunters but can not survive if they do not signal first, dos have reserves yes but not many pvp dks have their reserves at a high level and rely on stun chain, barbs have the 1 hp skill but can still be killed before it activates same as dks reserves and rogue are weak since their reflexes are gone and now rely on dodge that doesn't even
  3. Does the magic relic of deadly health work if you kill a monster that is equal/higher than your level? Or just players?
  4. Bds do the same cycle everytime...most people dont make it alive during hamstring
  5. I reckon that light armor should have a hp set bonus because it is not easy going against bds and healers that are lvl20 with 4k+ hp...healers are meant to heal but now with their hp they are nesrly impossible to kill...bds with their hamstring combo and then druids with the stun combo...cant even get 1 hit in.
  6. people have over 1k damage...it would not be fair if people healed over 300 per hit (including accessories and life-steal enchant)
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