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  1. Well it isn't a really special day for me either. I guess my wedding day or graduation day will be, but not the 18th birthday. It is cool to recieve presents and a loot of greetings just because of this "special day" Only gonna get clothes from the money I got anyways... But thanks!
  2. Since this is my favourite topic, I am posting here: TODAY I AM TURNING 18!!!!!
  3. You have received [Piece Of Garbage] from hero D*ckhead.
  4. But we almost never use it. It is extinct. You sure have words in German that you don't use anymore. Persons is one of these in English. Anyways, this isn't such a big thing to spend days arguing about :)
  5. Gosh. You said "Players are persons". And I said "No, players are people, because the plural form of a person is people." Do you understand it now? :D
  6. I LITERALLY cannot understand what was your argument now.
  7. Of course, I've been learning German for years now. In this case this is understandable. You just have to understand that English works differently :D Funny we made a grammatical chat on a completely different thread.
  8. Huh.. I literally cannot understand you. You said there is no singular form of people (which is not true). Persons is a very formal, rarely used plural of person. We mostly use people instead. But anyways, I am not here to teach anyone, you won't be a worse person from it. :)
  9. What are you talking about? :D "People" is the plural form of "person". It is called an "irregular plural". I have learnt it in 4th grade in primary school.
  10. Isn't there a guy who just got his life in the right direction, found his love of life and is generally satisfied with everything? That would be me.
  11. Well, people Sorry. Can't help myself
  12. Need to correct myself, emojis are not allowed here. Nevermind, sorry.
  13. Who cares about war anymore?
  14. Yeah, I was like this, too. Three years ago...