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  1. I have seen a notepad app that was rated for PEGI 12+. What did it contain that have made it inappropiate for little kids? Fact #157: Warspear Online is actually playable without any knowledge of the languages available ingame. My younger brother reached Ayvondil with minimal English knowledge. That little contained expressions like "dg 18 pm" and "come fast". Now he speaks pretty well, after three years of learning by my side (and school). An ingame friend of mine could only communicate with other people, if I was also online, since he spoke no English at all. He learned the most basic expressions from me, which he wrote down not to forget :D But he reached level 28 and still continues to play.
  2. Only the damage part, bro, only the damage part. I am too noob for this game to look at other stats. At other games, too, I only look at damage, dps, critical hit chance and defense.
  3. I didn't say they should change it (to be honest, I don't care, because I will probably never get to win a season). I said the complainers are logically right. Logically, the current stats are nonsense.
  4. Piggy boarder... In Ungarn wir übersetzen ihn "pig keeper/herder". (Der Mann wer Schweine hält.)
  5. I created this. (Just want to make sure, before someone thinks it is from some random interior design shop... Nah...)
  6. They are actually right in a point, Daria, was it on purpose or not or do they spam it or not. It is pretty curious why a season reward has the same damage as a relatively common rare item, and why second place accesories add up to higher damage than first place...
  7. Paint skills approved. Me winning the death race.
  8. I like the new interface a lot. To be able to fully enjoy some new features however, the forum should be more active. I use smiles from Google Keyboard when on phone, works perfectly. (This is from PC, cannot demonstrate...)
  9. Noso, The Score has really awesome songs! My favourite is Revolution. Here are some songs I found lately: Endless Praise by Planetshakers Final Kingdom by Two Steps From Hell Remember Me by Thomas Bergersen Fires by Ronan Keating
  10. Good questions, let me answer them. At the beginning of the fight, you have the option to choose between the two areas, the bigger one with two small and the smaller area with the third, big seal. I created this with the intention of dividing the team's power. You need strategy on this map. So, you can get to the third seal from the spawnpoint. You may also get out of there to the big area, but from there you cannot get back in to the big seal. Only from the spawnpoint (which means by dying.) Again, strategy is needed. Suicide? Well, how about same hostle entities that you could kill yourself with? :)
  11. I don't see why you made a separate teleport to the fire zone. Who would take that? Consider this instead: a teleport that may take you to the healing zone (in this case make them separated, so that players would have to take teleports) and have a chance to take you to the fire zone. 50-50 percent.
  12. I could only implement another exit to one of the teles, because I don't want the other side to have direct contact with the seals. If you understand me.
  13. Thanks for the tip, edited. Still, the power of the high amped team will be divided, at least giving chance to weaker players. We'll see (if this one gets ingame) :D
  14. Hello there! I would like to present you a unique idea of mine to make Temple of Seals fight more challenging and - probably - more balanced. An arena with Technopolis theme. The area consists of floating islands. (No, not the dessert!) I added clouds to the blue, so you won't think it is water Let me explain what you can see on the picture. There are four parts of the map: - Base of red team, - base of white team (imagine the letters are white) - fight area with two seals - separate area with the third seal. The two-seal area is simple. I created it to be easily accessible by either of the teams. What is tricky here, is the third seal. You can get out, but you cannot get in without having to respawn first. It is only accessible from the teams' base. When spawning, players have to decide which area do they want to conquer, and take the appropiate portal (on the picture: Portal "3" takes you to the middle area). There is one portal to get to the fight area, but after getting out, you cannot get back in. (The blue entrance portal takes team members to their own team's appearance points.) This is to prevent stronger teams taking controll of the whole arena. This makes them divide their power onto two areas, which makes the fight more balanced and gives weaker fighters a chance, too. As you can see, at the third seal there are two appearance points, so that isn't that easy to camp it and use area skills. (The big seal gives twice as many points as the little ones, but it also takes a bit longer to capture it.) Maybe this arena won't be the easiest to win in. And I didn't intend to make it so. I want to make an arena where you have to fight for victory. Feel free to comment, or share your ideas to make this better! Also, let me know if you don't understand something. Ben EDIT: Jzargo suggested #1 and #2 seals should have two exits. I added them. According to Lazylion, appearance points should also have two exits. Did it for the ones near the seal, but let the other ones remain one way. Why not?
  15. Absolutely possible. Your account has a special ID, consisting of a six-digit (as I remember) number. You may see it, when you create a new account. Now, when you assign an email to your account, your ID does not disappear. If you would like to recover an account but you do not know the email address assigned to it, you will have to send a ticket to the support team describing the account as much as possible. Character names, levels, realms, approximate creation of account, etc., so that they can search for it and also make sure the account is really yours. At least that's how it works. Hope I helped