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  1. Sinister blade would be good if dmg and cooldown were nerfed , im not math guy ... This would be extra dmg skill like bd have sonic boom and druid have power of water.
  2. Lol compared to other classes bd specialy this isnt op :!
  3. Hi guys , i wanna suggest how should new rogue expert skill look , I had some ideas. 1. Idea : extreme stealth Skill type - passive Rogue is able to stay undetected under stealth effect even if enemy tryes to unstealth him. Skill can be charged up to 15 sec , so u need to wait until it charges. 2.Idea : last chance Skill type - passive When rogue is left with 20% of his hp , he goes under stealth effect . this will happen only 1 per battle , skill works even if rogue is in battle. 3. Idea : sinister strike Skill type - active An instant strike that causes 176% physical damage . It would have cool animation 4. Idea : distract Skill type - active Rogue trows distraction item which distracts nearby monsters for 10 sec . usable only under stealth. Tis were some ideas i thought were good for new rogue skill. If you have better idea please reply or make topic about it. Ps: big rogue fan
  4. Hi guys and devopelers , i got skill idea today and you tell me what you think about that . There is a lot expert skills and there will probbably be more , however theres only 4 max skill slots (more if u pay with mc ) , and i was thinking about having infinite slots ( 40 k is a lot for non-permanent skill ) or maybe lowering the price .
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