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  1. You forgot about last update. It took about 27 hours. You know what to expect. Look like they want to beat the Guiness World Record for the longest update in history...
  2. I have a tip for all of you. Instead of wasting money for this coinspear, buy a phone with android and play a real FREE TO PLAY game with cool 3d graphics like Pocket Legends or P2P game Order&chaos(wow mobile). About that aigrind.. No response at forum, waiting 2 weeks for acc recovery and no new maps since 6,7months. Do they really deserve to steal your money? this game will die sooner or later and what will happen to your accounts? It will be gone. And you wont get your money back because every mmo have some rules. Think about it.
  3. Of cause there will be no compensation for lost time, energy and internet transfer data.. Instead for investing money to make beta server to prevent bugs they prefer to go on holidays to turkey and give players buggy game every update..EVERY!
  4. Good idea. Now as there are deleted factions in reputation menu, there is no information that mc and fb are enemies. What a nice role play :facepalm:
  5. Does ANY monster drop piece of leather for "Luck needs Sacrifice" quest? Impossible to play with 10 slot bag for new players
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