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  1. Sorry for the late upload and the audio quality. I was delayed due to technical difficulties (again) but hopefully this will be good enough. Guild Castles Sneak Peek!
  2. #1: wiki is trash. Being that anyone can edit those pages, a lot of times, and I mean a LOT of times, they have wrong information, or not enough information to make a claim. The Dragon Ball wiki, for example, has a TON of false information, contradictions, etc etc... so much that whenever casual fans try to use it as a source, they are immediately discredited by the hardcore fans. There are some good wikis out there, but also a lot of terrible ones. #2: This wiki page is mostly referring to games like WoW, LoL, etc. I guess it would make sense to try to have an universal "dictionary" for MMOs and have somewhat of an MMO lingo, but nothing here is concrete. This is not a rule book and it doesn't set any laws that every MMO must follow. Actually, a "stunned" enemy is unable to attack at all, while Entangling Roots allows the target to use normal attacks. The term "silence" usually means that the character will be unable to use any spells/skills (because they are unable to speak), but they can still do everything else. Therefore, in Warspear Online, Entangling Roots as a dual effect of "silence" + "immobilization". The target cannot move or use skills, but can still attack. A "stunned" enemy will be "disabled" (can't attack or use items), "immobilized" (can't move) AND "silenced" (can't use skills). Roots does not stun.
  3. Don't be so sure about that, "stay tuned"! edit: ignore those subs
  4. There is no option to have just 1 unnumbered question Yes, RNG does determine dodge, drop rates, etc. But it can also do so much more. Random Number Generators are just like dice-rolling machines. You provide the possible values, and the machine randomly spits out one of the possible solutions. If you play Super Mario Brothers (since we already mentioned it, lets use this as an example) you would notice that most mobs are almost always behaving the same exact way. That is because their properties are set in a linear fashion. They will always spawn in the same spot, and always move in the same pattern. However, there are some exceptions. Some enemies, like these Chucks, will behave in a manner that is partially generated by RNG. They move randomly, but generally towards the player (each type of Chuck has its own properties), and their behavior can change back and forth depending on the player's interaction. Then there's also these Magic Koopas. Any block that gets hit by his magic wand will turn into a random object. It could be an enemy, or a power up. The fact that these enemies have just a tiny bit of randomness in them makes them unpredictable and no one can know for sure what will happen until it has happened. This makes them a terror to speedrunners, because they are a variable, and not a constant. They don't always do the same exact thing like a robot. Their little RNG makes it almost as if they had a mind of their own, and makes them more interesting enemies. In other words, its like throwing a monkey wrench, and who doesn't love monkeys? It would be great to see just a bit more randomness in Warspear Dungeons, I think. Nothing too crazy. Just something to make dungeon runs feel a bit different rather than exactly the same every time.
  5. What the heck is this mess and how do I fix it?
  6. Hey so, you might have noticed that I had to keep making new Facebook accounts. I'll try to keep this short. So now, I have this profile. https://www.facebook.com/mecha.saiyan.9216 So far, I've been able to make posts and reach some people, even made something go "semi-viral" and without posting in multiple groups. So, if anyone was wondering why there are so MANY Mecha Saiyan profiles, will the real Mecha Saiyan please stand up?, this one is standing. Feel free to add me and any help towards getting my warspear friends /groups re-added would greatly be appreciated. With love, Mecha Saiyan
  7. jk, I love charming now
  8. Mecha

    Mecha plays Warspear

    New Saiyan is born!
  9. DB FighterZ goes FURTHER BEYOND
  10. Mecha

    Mecha plays Warspear

    I was thinking to do just that. Make a new character and level him up on video. The thing is I normally play whenever I get a chance on my breaks or whenever I find free time. But I suppose I don't have to get EVERYTHING 100% on video. I could just record when I know I'll be playing for more than just a few minutes. Thanks for the input.
  11. Mecha

    Mecha plays Warspear

    Sup everyone! I know it's been a while, but here is my latest Warspear Online video. I really wanna get full back on the game and I'm considering maybe creating a new character and try out some of those new classes. What do you guys think? Should I focus on a new class? If so, which one, and why?
  12. so um, I normally don't do this.. in fact, this is my FIRST (and maybe last) AMV. It's a very special song to me, and this video pretty much tells the twisted story of the Zamasu/Goku Black/Future Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super in a Music Video. I didn't see any other topic about AMVs, so I hope its okay if I put this here. Dedicated to someone I used to know, as well as to all fans of Dragon Ball world wide. Hope you guys enjoy.
  13. Well, I just got banned on Facebook (AGAIN) for simply sharing this in ONE Dragon Ball group. Facebook is so goddamn retarded nowadays. Anyhow, here is the VERY FIRST EVER FEMALE SUPER SAIYAN!!! but wait... she isn't the only one?!
  14. I gave it a try myself. Have a look :)
  15. Wow! What do we have here? Such a historic moment: The first ever official female Super Saiyan! Not from a fan fiction, not from a video game, but from the actual main story! Her name is Caulifla, a Saiyan from Universe 6. Not to be mistaken with the female Super Saiyan from the intro, Kale (The one that looks like a female Broly) who has not yet acquired the form in the anime.
  16. If you mean the Party HP/Mana hub at the top left of the screen, it would interfere when you have to click on that area of the screen.
  17. Mecha


    What players/fans want is not always what is good for the game/business. This would hurt the game inevitably.
  18. Just wanted to clear up a few things. In a nutshell: I never said Youanoob is Kellysweet; Waheed never stole/scammed my guild, it was Rowgen, who later renamed it and sold it to Waheed; and here is that list of my Lv20+ Characters. I am NOT Mechatitan or Mechalock If you see anyone else with a name similar to mine, it isn't me. Be careful. Mods, feel free to lock/move this thread if necessary. This is not a drama topic and it doesn't need to become one. The purpose of this is to inform everyone of the truth, clear up these false rumors and accusations, and warn people of possible people pretending to be me or using my name.
  19. What about Rogues' Absolute Reflex? *walks out*
  20. Mecha

    Ignore List

    Hey um, I noticed I was seeing names in chat that I know I'm not supposed to see. And when I check my [rather extensive] Ignore List, I come to find this. How could this happen?
  21. I've had lv5 taunt since before the new aggro system. I was able to hold full aggro of bosses using only a shield and mace while +10 rogues went all out. But now its even easier for a tank to do his job with the new aggro system.
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