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  1. This is called "phishing." Its very easy to replicate a website. I think its best to advise all players in the game to look out for signs of phishing. Some players know less about computer tech than others. I thought it was normal policy to "expect" all end-users as if they knew nothing about computers :wacko: no? But now that the issue has been risen, and they are obviously commiting an internet crime, this shortcut link url should be reported as a scam site. It shouldnt be hard for investigators to track them down.
  2. Im not a Moderator, but Im pretty sure what that person probably meant was 1/50 drop chance (2% or .02). I have killed Granite Guard about 100 times and still no drops. I think it depends on "luck" :unknw:
  3. Now, imagine if you didnt speak any Vietnamese whatsoever :rofl:
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