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  1. 46 minutes ago, lallouss said:


    kakarot i see you have returned 


    Ssj Vegeta GIF - Ssj Vegeta TorneoDelPoder - Discover & Share GIFs ...


    much has changed but same old shit, as i usually say SSDD (same shit different day)

    as i remember u play in eu with ur dk and stuff but if ur gona do new account your welcome to join us at sapphire at THEMERCS, maybe you will be tempted to make fun content abit


    Vegeta gif | DRAGON BALL ESPAÑOL Amino

    Glad to see you guys are still around. I do already have a couple of characters in that server, but most of my stuff is stashed in Emerald, so I'll probably stay over there.

    11 minutes ago, Lashabi said:

    You are always welcome buddy

    Much appreciated 

  2. It's been years since I have played this game. I miss all the fun I used to have with it, and all the memories made along the way. Lately I've been very tempted to start playing again. There were many reasons as to why I stopped playing Warspear, but the main reason was my health. I was having some health issues and I was in so much pain constantly. There was just no way I could play a game that requires a lot of time and dedication being in that much pain. But now, after dealing with that crap for so long, it's finally over. I have my health back and the recovery went great. I installed Warspear just to test my new stream software with an online game, and man it's so much better than the garbage I was using before. To be honest, I kind of want to come back to Warspear, and I do want to make Warspear content again. However, doing the episodic-type of videos is not really the thing I want to do with this game. I just want to play the game and have fun and stream it as I go along. Maybe, just maybe, I will return permanently.

  3. I have been thinking about a suggestion for a while. I have loved Warspear for years and I understand the concept of a cooperative-based online RPG. But sometimes I just want to play alone, or don't have the time/patience to wait for people to make a party. It would be great to have a game like Warspear that relies less on cooperation, making it an option but not a requirement. 


    Basically, it Warspear is the 2D version of World of Warcraft (which it kind of is) then I would LOVE to play a 2D version of Dark Souls. I don't know what this game is going to be like but I will certainly give it a shot.

  4. I have the same issues as well. The only time it does it is when I'm typing in Warspear or in twitter, specifically when I tag people. I think it is a Samsung issue, but I could be wrong. 

  5. Yooooooo long time no chat


    So there's been tons of DB hype with DB Super, the new Broly movie coming out, Kamehacon, etc... such a great time to be a Dragon Ball fan.  


    But recently I got into Attack on Titan and.... I fell in love with it so deeply. I even went and got the game for the Switch. If anyone wants to hunt some Titans down together, I'm online during the weekends and my local after hours. Friend Code: SW-7944-4749-2266 

    I'm really digging the series so far. The writing is great, animation is fantastic, and the voice acting is incredible. All the characters have a reasonable personality and it's really easy to relate to them even if it's indirectly. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it, but if you haven't seen it, I would recommend watching the first season. If you like it, you'll absolutely love the second one. 


    That's all for now. Salute!

  6. Today we have lost one of our own. Hiromi Tsuru, the Japanese voice actress of Bulma, has passed away.  I am deeply saddened by this. As a tribute, DBZ Dokkan players are setting Bulma as our team leader. Screenshot_20171117-023419.png

    She also voiced other characters in popular anime such as Sailor Moon. Here are her final words as "Bulma". This is so heartbreaking. IMG_20171117_024951.jpgIMG_20171117_024954.jpgIMG_20171117_024957.jpg

    Rest in Peace, Queen Hiromi.

  7. 3 hours ago, Ritchie88 said:

    Ty omercix.

    Should I buy exp boost item ? Or beginner wears,acsessories etc. What i must buy in shop. which one necessary for quests. Bcs i will play alone and i dont want to spend miracle coins.

    Exp potions (Elixir of Knowledge) are useful, but they will last only 12 hours. Use them wisely if you plan to complete and report many quests at once (or within 12 hours). Beginner kits are very useful if you plan to work alone. With minions and/or potions, you should be able to handle almost anything by yourself. Do not worry about bosses with a red crown icon or dungeon quests. Those are not required to continue your progress and you can complete them at any time. You will not need to buy any equipments or weapons until higher levels. The equipments you get from quests will be good enough to get you through the first island and most of the second one. As far as enchantments, I think mana regeneration is first priority, especially at the lower levels. But you will be fine if you don't have any enchantments on your equipments, as long as you have enough mana potions and patience .

  8. 48 minutes ago, Urscrewed said:

    better than my video :haha:

    good job dude.

    Thanks, you should've stayed for the second Castle, it was fun having this guy join the party Screenshot_20170810-035405.png 


    11 hours ago, Higgings said:

    No, it wasn't a crap. There were logical thoughts and well made sentences. I was able to follow the whole reasonments you made in it. As I said in my comment, hope you carry on with the work! :bye:

    Why thank you

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