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  1. 4 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    I'm afraid that future content like next Ayvondil section will have the same problem. Hard and challenging at the beginning, and then becomes too easy after people start complaining.

    To solve this problem I wish dungeons had different difficulties that offer different drop chances so that people who want a challenge can have it for a little more drop chance, and weaker/lazier people can have their easy boring version of the dungeon.

    Easy to said, but when you are like me with a stuff amp +5 to +7, no one accept to do dg 28 with me and all +10 players remain between them. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, lallouss said:

    About 1stam, yes sorry u need some mages in party for that of heavy damagers + 1 warden


    This tutorial to help save few mins and for those who doesnt know how to pass spawn area, they need to stay in corner and not mid gdluck:christmaskiss:

    Yes i undertand that ice ring and amulet are really good items so thats why they make dg harder then haloween, so i think they should put an easier difficulty but where you cant drop those accesories

  3. 33 minutes ago, lallouss said:


    u understood wrong bro, this is tutorial of how to dungeon easily, this is aimed at anyone in bad way just exciting thumbnail :happy:


    i have full respect to all players :youre_the_man1:thats why i made this video to show if 2 players +10 can do it than 5 any players can do it

    check the video it has tips and tricks u missed in dungeon of how u should work as a team and easily surpass obstacles :pin3: 

    The fact is that you have alot of resistance that can avoid cc and life steal is so good on pala +10, and everyboby do not have these stuff. And I watch the video, except the tips with the tiger I learn nothing more who can help me to clear dg ( I already try with all these tips and using 2 stam )



    Changes and fixes


    Character kills counter


    Changed counting system based on player’s characters when completing quests and achievements.


    Kills are now counted for the player who struck the final hit. If playing in a group, the kill for completing quests applies as a credit to the whole group. The kill for receiving an achievement counts only for the player who struck the last hit.  



    I don't understand. So now if one group try to kill boss ( ex: Joker) and solo guy have last hit it's him who complete  quest ?


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