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  1. I was 1st rank last arena season i had gladiator buff and wrath of gladiator skill. But after i update to xmas map 2018 dec. 20. I noticed my skill wrath of gladiator is gone. But only me. Other has it. Why? I am so upset. Give back my wrath of gladiator skill. I am 1st last season. Give back what is mine.
  2. Dmurk

    Missing itens arena shop!

    Its unfair to deal with old players who have complete set of accessories greatness with us who dont have one. How can we think to buy mcoin buy tickets and spam if u do not put back the accessories? You just making us delete this game and upset your costumer... This is so upseting disapointing.
  3. Dmurk

    Missing itens arena shop!

    can u please link me or show me new incoming greatness accessories lvl 14 please. Or will it be available soon or not anymore forever? My spamming is useless. Buying mcoin is useless too. Please reply
  4. Dmurk

    Acute Flamberge

    Dmurk lvl 14 DK us saphire can easily beat ur rouge
  5. Dmurk

    Acute Flamberge

    nice mercury,, then that sword is rare now, how i wish to have them too
  6. Dmurk

    Acute Flamberge

    yes nosotraes, its really ur bad
  7. Dmurk

    Acute Flamberge

    Acute flamberge stats before. Resilience, accuracy, critical. Its kinda rare stat for arena SWORDS. Thats why maybe devs deleted sword . So sad
  8. Dmurk

    Acute Flamberge

    Acute flamberge lvl 15 arena sword color orange is gone. Where did it goes? .... As i remember acute blade and acute flamberge is different and i saw both swords 1 year ago. Acute blade is banana shape sword like scout glad. While acute flamberge is a straight edge orange sword like the shape of acute gladius lvl 13
  9. Dmurk

    Best dk on us :)

    Dopknight is 100% pinoy or filipino. Live in the philippines
  10. Pls fix the shine of melee weapon dual wield. Offhand is more shinier than dominant hand. Make them both shine fairly
  11. Dmurk

    warspear music

    I downloaded the OST town forsaken music and OST walking forsaken music in youtube. And its the coolest ost in game.
  12. Dmurk

    Bugs Report in v5.4/5.5

    Where is mace of the northern lord again? Why lvl 10 12 16 18 20 22 weapon always appear in craft list? Where are lvl 14 weapons? Its very rare to see it in craft list!! I need mace of the northern lord to appear coz I'm gonna craft it pls appear pls!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Dmurk

    Buff dodge/Parry/evasion skills

    Devs, why parry is op?? A bd with only 6% parry and my dk with 16.5% accuracy both character lvl 14,, in PvP the bd parry my attack twice or trice every pvp,, why?? I feel so noob, I feel like my accuracy is useless and I feel I wanna stop playing this one sided like game,. Its not fair, its pissing me coz I can't do nothing to avoid parry, please fix this game mechanics problem, I love dk but it reach to the point that I'll stop making it stronger coz its no sense at all, even I use full accuracy on it, it always fail to hit a 6% parry bd like every single PvP, I'm not happy with this, why not making this game balance to be fair to all and to know who's really the coolest player, not class. ,, because for me, if u play an op class it doesn't mean the player is pro too. Play fair and show that ur truly pro.