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  1. Dungeons Dungeons of 6, 10, 14, 18, 22 and 26 levels are strongholds of Wolly Puppet who surrounded himself with multiple traps. If you will find the way through and defeat him, the treasure is yours! lvl 20??
  2. I think it's unfair that the battles are lost because most of a alliance not want to participate in the battles . sorry for my English
  3. You can not publish the number of players participating in the battles in every server? counting only those who are in the three camps and moving to attack the flags.
  4. in battle there is a big lag that took me out of the game. I need it fixed
  5. EU-EMERALD All mc not participate in battles or not they are connected at that time. so only earn the elfs
  6. Tournament type: 2x2 Character level 4-6: 1 Dismantler (Bladedancer) level 4 rating 57894 2 Legionner (Ranger) level 6 rating 43576 3 Levelsix (Ranger) level 6 rating 23626 4 Firstsusse (Ranger) level 6 rating 16238 5 Nutman (Rogue) level 6 rating 12856 Legionner and Levelsix with bow lvl 9 - 10
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