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    So then Finely!!!

    The rogues do have to have the stealth skill but I feel like there should be a larger cooldown time on it. In arenas rogues are abusing their "skill" by just spamming the skill and running away when they are the only one left.
  2. In my honest opinion, rogues in arena are pretty overpowered. Maybe they are taking advantage of their new "skill" I have fought countless times a noob rogue named Moonqueen, her partner is Patahati. Patahati has some skill but Moonqueen is scared to fight. Whenever we kill her partner, all moonqueen does is stealth, gouge, stealth, gouge, and wait for the match to be a stalemate. Totally no skill at all. I think that you should fix the stealth skill in arena. It's pretty bad
  3. bring callie back plz. best customer you gots :D
  4. vernonb


    hahaha sakray that made my day.. ill just get a butterfly and rapier and kill u midblink hahah
  5. I don't know how that works at granite guard. we only did about 20% damage to lambert and then had another party attack as well and we received the drop. don't know how u managed to get the kill when it was already down 50%. maybe you're bugged ;-)
  6. Maybe I should make a mc and test out this theory.
  7. I have to say that's the worst Taglish I've ever read ahaha
  8. I was having a discussion with a friend and we were talking about which is more important when getting a kill on a boss.. First hit or first 10% of damage dealt? We've had some other people try to steal our boss kills and it would only be 2 people. As far as I understood, whichever party dealt the first 10% of damage first would get the kill. Please correct me if I am wrong. An answer from a dev would be nice. thanks
  9. vernonb

    Prices for MCOIN?

    it seems like their support is pretty busy or something because i've tried to talk to them numerous times about an account that i accidentally changed my profile 1 month ago and they yet to give me a response. what I'm going to start to do is bother them on a daily basis until they reply to me.
  10. vernonb

    Prices for MCOIN?

    ya $50 is a lot of money. i woulda spent 20, after 20 after 20 cuz i felt like it was way worth it. but now. maybe ill spend 50 in 3 months ahaha
  11. vernonb

    Prices for MCOIN?

    oh good. thank god haha. i need some mcoins :D
  12. vernonb

    Prices for MCOIN?

    I guess it makes a little sense. you guys were promoting or something. but may I ask, when most mmorpgs that i've played started, they did a whole lot of giveaways and promos,etc. I've been here for about a month or so and yet to encounter anything from Warspear.. have I missed anything or do you guys now do any of that right now? And I just wish there was an announcement so I coulda stocked up :D haha
  13. I don't understand why the devs had to raise the prices for mcoins by so much? Can you guys please explain to me why it cost $20.00 to buy 3000 mcoins now when it used to buy you 5000. I would understand if you guys made it 4500 for $20.00 or $25.00 for 5000 but why would you guys almost cut the amount of MCOINs in half and keep the price the same? Are you guys insane? Do you guys not want to make any money from people buying MCOINs? Are you guys really that money hungry? The price was fine the way it was before. I say change it back to the way it was before or at least get it close because I have a feeling that you're gonna lose a lot of MCOIN buyers from this action. I for one spent about $100 on MCOINS in the month that I have been playing. But now you can forget me buying any MCOINs at all. And I'm not sure if you did or not but did you guys let us know that you were raising the prices? Or did you guys just want to surprise us with it? If the latter was the one then you guys got me. All I can say to you guys is bad move.
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