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  1. what I don't understand is why u guys as developers keep giving blade dancers ridiculously over bearing skills , every class in this game is balanced 100% if I lose in pvp that person was better then me and or full +10 I'm +9-+10 but I'll admit defeat , but when the same amped bd challenges u to a fight and or u run into him at nadir ? I have video footage of me dying in 6 seconds flat to a same amp bd , I seen warlocks die to bd without even being touched , all counter , I've seen counter two shot a poor rogue crits high , I'm full arena gear 7K def 5.1K hp gone like if I'm a level 14 vsing a high level , only way I even have a chance is if my shield bash and charge work and they hardly do , I know hell of alot of elves that hate bd too not jus me , that class needs a hardcore Nerf all th way around Nerf rogues jump , but counter hits more times and crits just as much lightning shield crits got nerfed warlock stun got Nerfed and with all the complains on forums from paying costumers u spit in our ffaces by giving them a broken skill power of blades ;) screw it everyone make bd can't beat em join em :)

    so long :D :
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