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  1. OMG THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUSIC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GET GIFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NEW WAYS OF GETTING BIGGER BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FREE MCOIN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT TO PLAY!!!!! Also one question will my gifts be deleted from my bag on 18.07 or from my gifdt shop if I dont redeem them? What I mean is if I goi to my gift shop and redeem my gift in my bag will the gift be gone if I dont use it untiull 18? If it is safe in my bag?
  2. I must say I agree with the guy above! Remove chaos potion and add duel button like when you interact with the other player just offer him duel and if he accepts it the current location becomes battleground! Neither can leave location, use pots or minions and if there were minions active before they will disapear just like when u have active minion and go to arena. PvP is the most amusing part of the game and chaos potion costs real money which is stupid because thats 10% players can enjoy benefit of that potion and others cant and even that 10% wont buy that all the time. This way we would have one more very BIG reason to play ws because pvp battles are unexpected, unpredictable and anything can happen. When you get bored you can just offer someone pvp duel and if he accepts it u can have some fun. Also you should add that gear breaks during such pvp battle fights we dont wanna make it too simple I am certain everyone would want to see this happen! But unlike arena these types of battles should not bring any arena points and should break gear maybe even make it break gear 10% more than usual just to spice things up and not to have many ppl battling everywere Please everyone tell me do you like my idea. And Peter I would like to hear from you what do you think? This would be one amazing feature of the game that would definitly make it one of the best mmos ever!
  3. Hello there, I have a good idea about this achivements program. First off I woudl like to say its AWSOME idea and I want you guys to UPDATE list of achivements over time. Like with every new warspear update you add few new achivements Some awsome achivements would be like these: - Eating certain type of foods but not just one. For eaxample it would work like this: You have to eat velvet bear and eat ham 500 times both so thats 1000 foods total to get achivement "Barbaric Food eater" or any other name that would be like Barbaric food bcs it is barbaric food ale and ham Or to get achivement "Sweets eater" You have to eat 500 pertucio candy and ginger cookies This way you would bring those foods back to life in game and ppl would start using again bcs nowdays nobody eats food xD Also achivements like these should and must be secret u just get a msg like this "Sweets eater" - Locked "Be careful with sweets dont ruin your teeth" So nobody knows which sweets they should eat and how many of them this would add mistery and players would have to work together Another achivement of my making : - Old Traveler with this achivement player would have to unlock all maps possible including swamps but not to visit each map area once but twice! Or even more times that depends on how u decide to make it Peter That way player would not know how many times he would need to visit each lokation and no one could intentionaly get this achivement but only by actually being the old traveler! I have few more ideas but will share later
  4. Just showing in what world we live in.. Changing people in the game is nothing. Specialy when u force people not to talk like that..
  5. I have never been on this event like this before can anyone explain to me how do I get event items? Special weapons, armor, belts, capes etc.. How? Do I just do event quests? Or do I go to event dgs? If so what lvl do I need to be to enter event dg? Can I get good weapon on easier dgs? Or only on very hard? Whats the procedure? Thank you for anyone who will reply while we are waiting for servers to come back online
  6. Not a good idea. Because rich players will trasact gold among them selfs as donations. For example if there would be a donate button and he gives it to other players and than the more he donates the higher he ranks? If I understood corectly? Well if thats the case he will just give 30m to his friend and he will give him back and they both would be very high ranked.. Beside idea of announcing kings enterance is bad because of chat spam.
  7. OMG! New arena weapons!!! I wanna get for my priest lvl 19 staff but even for that will take forever to accuire I cant imagine how much will I have to work for the 21 staff.. and getting lvl 19 staff or lvl 17 seems so stupid considering others will probably get the better ones.. I am gonna need so much coin
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