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  1. You were "Swaaz no.1# player" a while ago, make up your mind
  2. Are you sure you're 25, you spend alot of time watching T.V
  3. I got my DK to map 2 in under than 24 hrs nub
  4. Tood

    Shaman's skill set

    I've seen a sham quake me and I've been standing for 5 secs still.... Bet he had it on 5
  5. Sorry I'm not embarrassing myself, in fact, you're embarrassing yourself :3 Leave him alone mr. Twerkfork (lel) he actually thinks he can "threaten" us
  6. Nope We need IP stuff on dis forum srsly
  7. Tood

    Shaman's skill set

    And I'm mostly PvP based
  8. Wuht no, from what many ppl say, it looks like I'm better (I'm not saying swaazy is bad)
  9. MCs always cry about elves without realising what they have, that's it
  10. I'm pretty much near, ya ik that's why 3 is sh**, again a reduce MP cost by a % would be nice
  11. Skrillex = no.1 imo Btw I ganked Hassn at war, does that make me the no.1?
  12. Tood

    Lvl14 "pros"

    You hate me secretly, you're ready to put a key logger in the exchange system to delete my chars lel
  13. Beginners will lvl up, dude go lvl up a saken char and say that again, 3 is BULLSH**
  14. I can write better poetry, poetry nubs
  15. You quoted my post, smarty pants, and you said stuff related to my post
  16. K go mute yourself as a punishment :3 jk Again... This goes just like ask the person below you BUT by using 3 words only Know my chars?
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