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  1. A crafting lover here , returned to the game after 4 years , but found a lack of crafting guilds , and a lack of sort of interesting crafting concept . So thought of something that might be interesting . First of all , How about the addition of potions and poisons in the crafting system , they would have a durability and some of them can be equipped on weapons or armours for that bonus durability . The durability will keep the potions in demand , and to get that additional edge in battle , its flow would be good in the game Now about the farming system for the crafting , the system of now has the farming element for catalyst which soon are going to turn into matter (waiting for it update though ) , but besides that there is no other farming , there is no other farming system , how about adding the crafting items , which we make , as mob drops , depending on the item , mobs can also have rare drop stuff like a fire puma drops fire essence which can be to add a special feature in bow like burning ( although it will depend on the weapon ) but this will add a sort of unique element in the weapon , for example , kill dragons newborns would give dragon scales , an ingredient for mid tier onward heavy Armour or weapon . Another feature which might be interesting is decreasing the craft time of basic quests as the craft level goes up , as of now , its really tough to actually invest that much time in game , when a lvl 10 craft guy has to keep on waiting 20 mins to make basic gear , but it reducing with certain levels , like becoming lvl 5 , reduces old craft time by 5% , lvl 10 ,10% , having lvl 10 in 3 crafts reduce old craft time by 30% and so on so that the people having 15plus on multiple crafts would feel strong while crafting . I absolutely love crafting and on day if the system is right in this game , want to even make my own crafting guild , but as of now its just spamming stuff to make the same stuff as everyone else , but adding the element of farming your own crafting materials or rare items like gems for those additional crafting benefits would certainly turn some attention towards crafting . Now i dont know whether this topic has been made in the past or not , if you folks have any opinion , do share em , Thank you
  2. i think for this purpose only they added the ignore option and also there is no need for player moderators as i think that the Devs themselves are playing the game
  3. i was think the same guild wars thing , also i think the concept of the game is the old school mmoprg gameplay and the animations required by the classes asked here would ask a faster internet and not all the players of this game have amazingly fast internet , also i think it would be alot of coding work too , the game is good as it is now with the scope of getting better with some tweaks and the devs are constantly working to make that happen ..also dont mix up the game with other mmorpgs for the mobile platform that boast a size in gbs..this game is cool for me because of the flued gameplay it provides even with slow internet and the amazingly small size of less than 50 mb
  4. dude ur osm , thanks ..this cleared all my doubts,
  5. so desabling life scroll and revive statue ..i think that would bring the battle to who has better unity and teamwork...rather then the usual reasons for victory..i.e at US ..its the population difference and at EU ..(HASSN ) ...
  6. for war how about only activating the respawn statue of the first camp..for those who want to travel fast ,they can always use teleport scroll..and it would allow better conquering chances for both sides...
  7. mcs getting new character would kinda unbalance the game i think ....need all factions to have something new
  8. those few million hp bosses work in a set pattrn of attacking the player at the top of the threat table(blind guess)..but these minion AI would be way complicated , they would have different stats and buffs , just like a +10 player ..hitting 1k or more easy cric for higher levels with max heals , at high levels a team of snow queen , lycanthrope and witch doctor could also be an idea ...if the coding is possible then the implications can be infinite .. upto the devs whether or nt they give this idea a thought ... it could end up in garbage too
  9. but isnt 1k defence from the bonus better than 600 hp bonus cos i think this kind of hp would be like a one shot thing at higher levels , as for magic atks , wont it be depended on my MD , i think the defence would give me a better chance against high phychl atk players .. but i would like to discuss on this topic further , thanks for ur reply though
  10. i dont know about other servers but i played at the us and eu ones and i am seeing a certain problem , at US ,there arent many 3x3 battles and at EU hardly any 5X5.. so my idea is why not add a base team of AI as opponents , like for 3x3 and 3 ai team would be ready to fight by default so at minimum atleast the players would be able to have the arena experience , same will go for 5x5 , a 5 AI team would be by default so ppl will always see 5 players at the arena selection option...now the AI could be the minions we already use , like for lvl 20 low , abyss zealot would be the tank , cat would be the healer and archer would be the dps , to make things interesting they could be buffed with the stats of a +9/+10 gear level player , as for the questions about the human element of choosing the right skills at the right time , i think that some of the skill usage has already been shown at a pretty good level in the game ..example ,the minions have been coded with the fixed set of instructions and the mobs in dgs too , they use skills already , the archers AIs in dg use power shot,the mages use kite and the same skills of the playrs have also been seen to be used by bosses..as for the AI aggro i think it could be set as the whole arena map ...now the purpose of this is not to fight the with AI but to start the arena sequence , since when 5 players start a fight with AI , other player seeing that some players have opted for arena will chose arena too..and the battle sequence will continue ..the arena points gained agants AI could be set to lower than the normal Ap awarded too. if any discussion on this topic has been done before kindly post the link
  11. 1.does sun seal work on bosses too?...like giving hp 2how much damage does harad call gives ? 3.when i am crafting a milee weapon , i see at the max craft it shows upgrade weapon but it doesnt shows what the resulting weapon would be , only a rare weapon is shown , how to know what weapon will come by that upgrade? 4.whats the asking defence and attk for tanks in lab or higher level dgs like kronos? 5.is having a spear with magic enchant along with magic gears a good build for pala? 6.whats armour is good for a level 20 pala i.e DD , GA or mix ?( i dont like HE so didnt asked about it) i guess that'll be all
  12. if they disable bow ,then where would the rangers go ...also i read somewhere that the game has a single system for weapons ,like if they remove it for mc ,it would be gone for elves too.
  13. maybe they could add it in the achievements section ..and bdw the idea is really good , kudos
  14. i checked the link but i guess it ended with people talking about nunchucks, guns and stuff what i wanted was a more detailed version on the idea of new classes but still thanks
  15. oh it got approved , if anyones interested i would like to discuss about the skills of these classes too
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