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  1. Luiz Del Ducca

    Minions. Suggestions and impressions.

    I wish hallowen bring new damager long distance minion theres just one in the game (Dead Huntsman)
  2. Luiz Del Ducca

    [bug]Level 28 priest attacked genie and i got drop

    but I thought that when someone greater than level 20 attacked the boss, he would not win anything
  3. Server: US-saphire Read attached screenshots
  4. Luiz Del Ducca

    7.7.2 Bug Reports: POST HERE!!

    On saphire server yesterday, evryone got lag and i disconnected in a part of the day for more than 1 time in less than 5 minutes. its not my connection.
  5. Luiz Del Ducca

    7.7.2 Bug Reports: POST HERE!!

    @Reivenorik After this update my game freeze sometimes and music keep playing. happened 5 times already. I play on galaxy j7 prime
  6. Luiz Del Ducca

    База знаний Warspear Online

    best is http://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en
  7. I killed eye more than 5 times always 0 drop. idk if this is a bug or because im using minion wich is 25 level. does minions change drop rate or completly change to no drop? i killed 5 times on a party with a warden level 20 then he killed while i tank and no attack then me and he killed without party together then i tried kill alone and i died XD on red eye that is harder. always 0 drop. Please @daria @reivenerik
  8. Luiz Del Ducca

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    i was doing t4 quests when game reset :D
  9. Luiz Del Ducca

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    1 hour
  10. Luiz Del Ducca

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    just maintenace? fix something or changes in dungeons or bosses?
  11. Atleast with new dungeons come new equipments
  12. Bored test server, just hard things :/ nothing good for low levels....
  13. found a sound file named underwater.wav from warspear.pak file https://clyp.it/mgbhed4t# Is this from next ayvondil territory(T5) or its from some place i never listened?