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  1. Disconnect from google play games on Warspear (top-right from screen) it will fix the problem.
  2. Bug: no boss in dungeon Quest: 1 spawn of chaos killed What happened: My game crashed when i clicked to restore seekers stamina and click fight. When i back online some members said gad lag and dc too or game crashed. Screnshots in the post.
  3. Well, so, you think spaming dg everyday, doing 300 run a week and not even got a simple great empowering relic is good for you? While others do 1-3 run and get the best drop(books and custums). Sorry but that sucks
  4. That hydrophobia debuff is boring, If u have too much speed underwater it takes u too far, moves u to others monsters and then u get stuck with infinity stuns trying to move and get hydrophobia again while u are almost crossing. We just hv buffs and talents to decrease that debuff duration, but with a lot of monsters using hydrophobia that buffs not help too much. Just having luck to go into arena and make you escape from that. Ps. That invisibility scrolls not work underwater too it fails too much, meanwhile, that blue cloud buff that we get after leaving arena works better than invisibility scrolls and buffs...😪
  6. PLEASE CHANGE THIS BOSS AREA TO NO OXYGEN AREA! Drowned admiral boss:(down from elven respawn island) Levadis boss:(down from mc respawn island) Please remove oxygen need in Elven boss, or make levadis area to non Pvp area. 🦑✌
  7. its bad too if u are on npc selling items with arena requested and accidentaly sell something and then u get inside arena🤣 And npc window close when click background thats bad too..
  8. My game keeps connecting forever while game client language is set to english, watch video down. Warspear.language_bug.mp4
  9. u forgot using guild level 11 skill globe increase 50% max def do it on test server when server being updated tomorrow if gm power on test server🤗
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