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  1. My game keeps connecting forever while game client language is set to english, watch video down. Warspear.language_bug.mp4
  2. u forgot using guild level 11 skill globe increase 50% max def do it on test server when server being updated tomorrow if gm power on test server🤗
  3. ah boring u had enough time to escape that with all these healing skills and pots... imagine low level players.. they not crying on forum they just die and revive again and continue the journey of warspear.. theres many shamans with totems areas.. u just need chose the correct one take the quest item and run back.. if its hard to you walk with 3 totems attacking u go kronus dungeon its easier 😄
  4. Whats warspear contact mail? its not showing in game..I remember its something like @freshdek.com
  5. Normal attack not critical:(nothing wrong) Critical hit: Critical hit again:(What? why 2k now) ps.: i took screenshot with my equipment window open while attacking, not edited image..i dont know if its a bug, can u explain why dmg increased? @Reivenorik
  6. im trying to login but realm is unavailable... is it having any repairs on us saphire? when will it finish?
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