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  1. Luiz Del Ducca

    Server down

    im trying to login but realm is unavailable... is it having any repairs on us saphire? when will it finish?
  2. easy for rich players nothing new😴
  3. Lord Of Inferno custume will be added to the Souvenir Merchant? as it is now on weekly tournment... @Peony @Reivenorik
  4. Luiz Del Ducca

    relic not working or not showing when activate

    ah ok i though it decrease all skills cooldown. but anyway i never know when it works theres no animation now im going to put another relic on parry XD ty
  5. This relic not working any time or is activating but not showing none animation...Small relic of concentration: while this one that is 5% chance activate normally and showing icon down my hp bar:
  6. Luiz Del Ducca

    Minions. Suggestions and impressions.

    I wish hallowen bring new damager long distance minion theres just one in the game (Dead Huntsman)
  7. Luiz Del Ducca

    [bug]Level 28 priest attacked genie and i got drop

    but I thought that when someone greater than level 20 attacked the boss, he would not win anything
  8. Server: US-saphire Read attached screenshots
  9. Luiz Del Ducca

    7.7.2 Bug Reports: POST HERE!!

    On saphire server yesterday, evryone got lag and i disconnected in a part of the day for more than 1 time in less than 5 minutes. its not my connection.
  10. Luiz Del Ducca

    7.7.2 Bug Reports: POST HERE!!

    @Reivenorik After this update my game freeze sometimes and music keep playing. happened 5 times already. I play on galaxy j7 prime
  11. Luiz Del Ducca

    База знаний Warspear Online

    best is http://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en