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  1. I find pathetic so mediocrity of those who dare to accuse the paladin DEATHXKYRA of insulting and offending in the chat World, when they themselves have more than once been protagonists of fights and discussions in the same chat that they now feel defenders peace. None of those who accuse the paladin DEATH KYRA have moral authority to judge hypocritically when they can be read daily in the World chat fighting or insulting as well. Both the paladin DEATHXKYRA and its other pjs are inactive for an indefinite period, and clearly the chat World has not improved or worsened with its absence. It seems to me that the problem of the dude that came to make their accusations unjustified to this forum, happens rather for a theme of wanting to do show or theater to look for something of fame when the easy solution to the problem was remembered by the moderator. IGNORE AND POINT.
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