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  1. Kinda good, but the complexity of the moves and scipts PLUS the fact that you demand a whole place and map at a very specific point makes it veeeery difficult for the developpers if they wat to add your boss in the game The complexity is a burden in these contests, but good jo anyway !
  2. I personally think this could fit the game, considering it's a reference to an ACTUAL event (the vanishing of our beloooved cookies) moreover, it's a boss that is not too strict or complicated for the developpers and it would enlighten the whole game ! Damn I'd love to fight this one. And then eat it all. Nom nom nom ! "COOKIE COLEM ONLY NEEDS LOVE !!!"
  3. Indeed... if the design's good but plagiarism, it's cheating, if the backstory is too big and messy, it's useless, and if the gameplay is too complicated, it's impossible (but... I personally think that the backstory is les important)
  4. Question to r0land : What is the most important for this contest ? The drawing,design and gameplay , or the backstory ?
  5. Interesting, really... It's a shame there are not as many details in the drawing than in the story ! Obviously in the top 5, dude (even if I prefer the Cookie Golem xD)
  6. Meh, but.... Isn't changing the story over and again against the rules ? Are you allowed to use images you don't owe ? well... Not bad, the story is interesting but still veeeery confuse..... But I can't understand why there are so much views for that less content
  7. ой, извините! #googletranslate (I edited it) браво is safe xD I prefer so much english :')
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