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    We are tired of so many insults, racism and hate messages in the world chat. Everyone reads it and the solution is not to give ignore. The solution is another , applying the standards of Warspear with a possible temporary ban or put mute for a while in the World chat this character .


    For over a year this character insults and insults every day and nobody does anything , uncomfortable, annoying to others who seek normal conversations


    Name: (Chrisdeath, Deathxkyra, Ryuksama)  EU-EMERALD




    Please tell me where sending this post, support or here in the forum?

  2. mmmm awesome gdluck ^_^ idk wht POed means

    anyway took 1week to learn animation, and 1week to animate n edit, modeling was very easy xD easier than drawing


    For me drawing on paper is hard  ;D  for others people is very easy, my real bother can make nice draw on paper in 2 hours only but him dont play warspear 

  3.                                               Panda Torturer

    The tragic history repeating itself. Again Terror has gripped Ayvondil, this creature nobody knows. few have seen it walking; between pain and hatred that has this scary panda nobody will want to bring. Revenge is the only thing you want because their children died barely four months after birth because of deforestation and pollution of the forest that leave you without food. This panda can break your bones with its huge mallet with sharp steel spikes and then drink your blood. It is not a common panda as you've seen before. Hatred became an abominable and terrifying being. His desire is to crush, torture and devour until you die, only then could avenge a very sad past that I lived.




    Behaviour, skills and stats:


    Totally wild and aggressive, able to see 5 meters away to approach quickly to attack you. Their wings do run a little lighter when attacking. It is of physical type (Morningstar Specialist) and will want to torture you with his morningstar tearing your body. Their attacks are normal but abominable. Possibly this located in the sewers of ayvondil, near satraps (satraps center) or in a possible new map which would not be a bad idea.


    Normal attack (no skill) = 350 - 490 




    - Steel Spikes: Powerful physical attack (You do not want to use it, you remove a good percentage of life) 



    - Cutting Nails: A less lethal attack the steel spikes, but still heartbreaking for you



    - Lethal Vaccine: For 8 seconds small amount of life will decrease continuously



    - Tranquilizer:  Reduce your defense and puts you slow cooldown

    - Potassium Chloride: You can not do anything for 4 seconds, these paralyzed




    (My english is bad guys, i use translator I hope I understand)  :cray:


    panda 1.jpg

    panda 2.jpg

    panda 3.jpg

    panda 5.jpg

    panda 7.jpg


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