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  1. The game is free for now, so you cannot demand anything. The pay for features are currently not required to play the game. I have reached level 11 without paying and I think Warspear is nice. The game is still being developed, so bugs are something to be expected with new content. Bad development decisions might also occur. If you have an opinion about the changes, just state it in a normal easy-going way. Demanding anything and insults will not help in any way.
  2. Class: Shaman Level: 11 Healing Spirit level: 5 Astral magic points: 113 Gear: Master item set, Staff of master, 2 x ring of warrior-loner, Amulet of adept healing per tick: +116
  3. Yes, my shaman healing is lower now. I immediately leveled my heal to 5 and it was still lower than before the update. I thought it is a ballance fix, although i had problems healing boss damage on a barbarian even before.
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