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  1. this is for ELF side here is for MCs:
  2. For me work only in IOS but in android have offers for 1-2k mcoins and its absolutely impossible + in windows phone have only 1-2 offers
  3. Idk on me work fine on my android, WP devices + on PC work nice too...maybe its on your PC problem?
  4. My warlock is 388mag dmg soo if i make 4/4 shadow sphere soo ill hit 800+? O.O + can you make a hex skill review? thats will be very good
  5. yep my lock is 1 of the best in EU-Emerald and for me is 50%-50% i have moments when dark fail and moments when its in great condition with my internet but yees dark have a big bug soo i hope 1 day GM fix it
  6. Finally im gonna be soo happy if when i enter the game and this bug will be fixed anyway thank you for these fixes
  7. r0land say they will fix this bug after this weekend i have bug like this but with die in volcano
  8. r0land and peter i found a bug in new version: soo this morning i kill all bosses in irselnort (MC bosses) lake; sea; Garr-shagg; GG; Gridaur; Sun worrior with my lvl24 warlock "Dragolub" (EU-Emerald) for the achivment ''Die in Volkano''(section ''World''). Soo i finish the last boss and when i go in Achivments>World>Die in Volcano it says whit green tick i kill every boss but it dont show i finish the quest. I dont know if its bug but im sure i kill every boss in the list(and it shows). If you want inspect my warlock Dragolub in EU-Emerald and see what is going on. Please fix it as soon as possible. (:
  9. Ok peter I dont understand....this Kronus Laby gonna be in Ayvondil? Or the new bosses will change the bosses from irselnort?
  10. Its a stupid question...but still no results from "bestappever"? *pls dont ban me*
  11. I know it is very hard to make boss with android application. Good luck bro!
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