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  1. mine 237 normal 724 critical
  2. admins always do this friend its usual. they erase my 3.6k arena point and 8st rank... Hope one day they wont reset my char :P
  3. its impossible dude. Think its an update problem but server is unavalaible for 12 hours now.. it gets me anger and makes game boring.. i realy like rainbows posts and ideas for game. Hope gms will listen him :friends: but i say again "don worry" they cant close saphirre server because its their money bank :spiteful:
  4. memeko


    i get very nervous in its happening so i forgot to take ss. Rainbow understands all of my confusing problem. I'd like to thank him. I dont have ss but my first quote is written 1 mins after that happening. So Gm or Moderator can look at the chat reports by this time : it happens at 09 October 2011, 04:05 the time is taken by this forums legal time.
  5. memeko


    i dont know why are u saying this rediculus think again... he can have no google translate he can have redhouse master dictionary. its not neccesery. pls read carefuly this time " HE WROTE MY SENTENCES THAT I ONLY WROTE IN PRIVATE CHAT" so only my friend (in real life) and ihave to see the sentences ok? if u dont understand again i have nothing to do :D if u are right what about Veys account?? what about yins wtcb subject (rain knows)?? i dont have to trying to believe my think. Believe as u wish.
  6. memeko


    im not idiot dont worry chakar is turkish and he is my real close friend in other city. Moreover he didnt know english well. But dono didnt know any turkish word. How about this. Please dont talk for only talk please imagine your sentences first !
  7. memeko


    i saw because dono is in my party and h wrotes it on party chat. me and other friends (pliskin, blk) see this too (its a turkish sentence). Dont worry about it Support team will solve this
  8. memeko


    Player dono in Saphire is hacker. 9.10.2011 4:04am in Turkey. We are in genie party my nick is Memeko. he wrote a sentence that i only wrote in private chat to Chakar. How can it be. Its happening when im online. And chakar cant write me for 5mins. Is he GM (16 lvl bd) or is he hacker. I heard that he steals Vey's account. He was my friend Pls ban him immideatly and if u have a bug for this subject pls solve it quickly. All party see that... i'm scared for my account and items im 17 lvl ranger.. Best regards
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