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  1. Haha
    Suli Kh got a reaction from HeartsBane in [2020.03.26] Issues with the performance of game servers   
    I'm glad they fix the lags due this week so we can enjox tje rest lag free. 
    I done 530 runs and didn't got a costume or a book. Please tell meeee the drop rateee 
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    Suli Kh got a reaction from Lashabi in Improvement of dg   
    If u would go 2 dungeon runs in 20min,   or u would go 1 run in 10min BUT the cost of run is the same .
    If u would get a drop the chance is same.
    Example: I go 2 runs dungeon:
    First run: Def
    Second run: drop
    Wasted: 2 stam
    I go 1x dungeon (doubled stam)
    First run: Def,Drop
    Wasted: 2 stam
    At the end u get the same, but saved time. This will help people who have low time for go in dungeon but want to get a drop as fast as possible or want some guild points.
  3. Thanks
    Suli Kh got a reaction from Waheed in saved equipment slots   
    Well it will be much faster to change equipment sets and also the itmes in bag r easier to find 
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    Suli Kh reacted to Waheed in saved equipment slots   
    i hope that there is still coming a categories system at our bag
    and saved equipment slots 

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    Suli Kh reacted to Samuel Icaro in Unbind scroll   
    Hi everyone
    I and some other "free" players, also have valuable items that are not useful to their lvls, but can not sell, because the unbind is really only done if you have Miracle coins in your account, that the Unbind scroll be like a parchment of life was made.
    Sorry for English
    Volldemort, TU
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    Suli Kh got a reaction from Pecleb in saved equipment slots   
    A PvE set where are mobs you need much block and when you go to boss you could change to a equip set which have more Critical and 2 hand weapon
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    Suli Kh got a reaction from kimkaa in saved equipment slots   
    They could also add in activity log at guilds which player got kicked or left the guild or joined 
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    Suli Kh reacted to Waheed in saved equipment slots   
    i would like to suggest multiple equipment saved slots so we dont have to change all the time
    in dg its sometimes annoying to change the items because u have to do it fast
    it would  be nice too if bag is sorted after categories 
  9. Haha
    Suli Kh reacted to Leeon Muller in [2017.08.24] Update 7.1: Guild Castles. Release.   
    I think each Week 1 castle RAID will open 
    First week maliat then tlaskoe for now.
    Later 2 More will come and then its 1 per month  i guess 
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    Suli Kh got a reaction from Omercix in [2016.12.14] Warspear Online 6.3. Volcano's awakening. Preview   
    Can you please say when i'm too high lvled to drop from bosses ?
    All say a lvl 28 character cant drop in ponti anymore
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    Suli Kh got a reaction from Akasha in [2016.08.02] Game servers stop on 03.08   
    When u enter the opposite faction u get a "poison" that inflict dmg which can't be avoid
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    Suli Kh got a reaction from ColdFootedMole in HELLO! :)   
    If u guys want join YinYang guild (Emerald) feel free for pm after we lvl up guild
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