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  1. Very nice of you to apologize Kuzz :) Btw about your signature - The interesting thing about being a president is that you don't have to explain yourself to anyone Read up on the "watergate scandal" on wiki. That line would have made sense if it read DICTATOR instead of president.
  2. If you stacked on INCOMPLETE quests. You may have had a chance of completing them on update. Just as how many many people managed to finish shadows. On the other hand. If you stack up on COMPLETED quests, the only thing likely to happen is on update, they will disappear and you will have made the effort for nothing. So... best of luck with your plan :)
  3. Someone. Update please. M too lazy to check into the game. Just wanna read about how it is doing.
  4. People who have the time and no other platform to play games on will love this cuz its the best thing available especially for nokia users in india. For an mmorpg playable on the cellphone. Its simply the best. I was addicted at one time and I do regret that the addiction continued longer than the free time i had and I actually cut back on a few important things as a result.
  5. Well, informing others is a good way to keep folks aware. In the future, if somebody you don't know asks you "Dont you trust me?" Just say 'No, I'm sorry :('. Don't give anyone anything without getting a security.
  6. Hmm... White shirt, black suit, black shoes, black shades and black tie? Like a business suit. Cool :)
  7. If you have problems with your purchases. Please submit your problems at the official support page. http://warspear-online.com/en/support
  8. Good. So you see the problem too :) idc bout the xmas costumes cuz m sure the devs r gonna do a fine job w that.
  9. so you prefer 8) to :dirol: :facepalm:
  10. I think the devs need to come up with ways to recognize players for their contributions to the game. For instance. 1. I think the person who spends most money on miracle coins by the end of a certain period should be given a one-of-a-kind gift costume that makes them stand out from the crowd. 2. The person to win most fights in the arena should be given an "aura" that resembles a halo, only that it is a shinning circular glow below their feet. 3. Currently, the most expensive costumes look ridiculous imo and they should probably have class specific costumes that other classes cant wear. [i know that most druids would love to look like "THE WHITE WIZARD (GANDALF)" And these costumes should be the most expensive of the lot and must only be equip-able(if that is a word) by druids. Maybe Shamans get to buy only "THE GREY WIZARD" costume :D] 4.To increase sales of the worst costumes (like the awkward coloured suits) they should probably bring the price down to about 25-50mcoins and watch their revenues soar !
  11. The black suit is already available as "wedding suit" ingame. I love the black shades idea.
  12. OK. This is the same as my case. shootercel I need to know the charges that you paid earlier (before update) in Indian rupees.
  13. Are you 8years old? Yea and without help from people who know them :P They wouldn't even dream of doing it :D
  14. Sedition is the word unfortunate and perhaps unintentional, but true. I don't know why the above post of mine included my words in your quote. Its a bug I think. I tried edit, everything seemed fine. Dunno what went wrong there.
  15. SMS - ingame option - TATA DOCOMO 3G If I send an SMS. I immediately recieve my 10 mcoins and Rs.3 gets deducted from my balance. I asked the admin and they said that they received their money. That can only mean that there is no extra msging charges or extra game charge. Earlier, when you used to buy mcoins. How much would you lose from your balance? Don't give me the dollar figure. Please tell me how much was deducted from your balance in Indian rupees.
  16. Finally, m happy to see active participation by the admin. Perhaps you realised that a simple response and a bit of news from your end could boost the morale of your players. Winter event. I love events :) Urm. Kuzz? Any words on the "truth" behind the current Arena system?
  17. Regarding the reason why this topic was opened. I had filed 2 reports at the support page. I received responses from the admin. First one: I told them that I was getting charged Rs.3 and I wanted to know if they were receiving their money or was I just being charge ISD rates. this is their response: Hello!Yes, we received all your payments successfully.Best regards,Warspear Online Support Team Second: I asked them to increase the number of MCOINS available for purchase through SMS for INDIAN players. Their response: Hello!When we will have such possibility - we will add other payment amounts.Best regards,Warspear Online Support Team
  18. If what you have said is true. Then we have to be patient. AIgrind must know that this is happening. Let's see what they do about it. Meanwhile, I have no intention of starting a new character.
  19. :shok: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MY GOD !!! I DIDNT KNWO THIS !!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :yahoo: Thank you so much for sharing this bit of info :P Although Im really not sure how Im gonna play that game since I havent got a system at the moment. So eager ! Cant wait :bomb: Thanks again :drinks: Also, agree with your point. No argument there.
  20. RainbowZ, I don't completely disagree with you. You do make a few good points. But they are not concrete. Things in the game are changing. There is an imbalance. I agree. But there are no quick fixes to it. I would love to know the reason behind the economy adjustments. But with no information so far, I can only guess that AIGrind comprises of a staff of less than 10people. The new economy will leave budding players with lesser gold and bigger players keeping the prices high since they are willing to spend more for now. But you know, I think it is best to just wait for a few months and see what happens.
  21. OMG !! Guys ! There is a wikipedia entry for Free-to-Play ! I guess my opinion ends here. Since most of what I said is there too.
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