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  1. if Autolikes is legal why Zestris lose?
  2. up we are minority lose they are majority win
  3. my boss is Lamia el'Chidna, my boss is bad to be finalis? https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=855656647803326&id=136652359703762&set=a.853089728060018.1073741846.136652359703762&source=56&refid=13
  4. first and second image almost same design concept of vera nocturna
  5. oh sory, thank you roland i love u
  6. why Roland not add my boss at facebook? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/45655-lamia-elchidna/ editor:
  7. why GM not approve my boss at fb?
  8. or you can put this boss at swamp too,because i hate teleport. that must me hard to go destination like kotaravva
  9. Lamia el'Chidna In ancient times was born a very beautiful woman, named Lamia el'Chidna, she was born of a god Kolorelf and Dziwozona.Dziwozona is Devil Swamp. Dziwozona is a very beautiful monster, he likes to sing in the middle of the swamp. At that time the God Kolorelf being around the islands from the sky and then he heard the sound of singing Dziwozona very beautiful, and then he approached Dziwozona and he falling love with her. Dziwozona has an evil plan, and finally the monster god relationship. Dziwozona claims that he is a Demigod. Eventually they are married. Dziwozona finally live in heaven. Kolorelf did not know that she is a monster. However, the secret was finally revealed with the birth of the first child named Lamia el'Chidna. she is born very beautiful, but she have cyan color eyes. All Gods were shocked by the incident. Dziwozona finally admitted that he was The Devil Swamp to all Gods. Finally Kolorelf and all Gods angry, eventually Kolorelf killed Dziwozona and all Gods tried to kill Lamia el'Chidna, but all Gods can not violated Rule of the Gods, that is, the God should not kill fellow Gods or Demi Gods. But the Gods cursed her into woman half snake monster, and have ugly face and he was expelled from heaven. Finally Lamia el'Chidna lived in swamps mother's place of origin. Now Lamia el'Chidna is called as a mother of monsters, Because she already born many monsters. Monster is born by Lamia el'Chidna include the Nemean Lion, Ladon, Chimera, the Sphinx, Larnaean Hydra, Cerberus and other. The residence was filled with a little monster child outcomes Lamia Chidna and her new husband, Zeul. But now Zeul had been killed by the Gods of Olympus. Lamia el'Chidna gave birth to many children to prepare for the attack All Gods for her revenge. Now in the protected swamp the little monsters. All Gods devised a strategy to kill her, finally all Gods made a contest, if there are fighters who can defeat Lamia el'Chidna, he can choose one special Gift of the Gods. The fighter must take her head as evidence if he slay the monster. Head Lamia el'Chidna Boss inspect Name: Lamia el'Chidna HP: 2,500,000 Skill: Tribe's Ritual, Forest Song, Poisonous Blood (new) Poisonous Blood : When a healer heal each other, person who get healing will reduce their HP (reduce 30% of every sum heal they earn), if heal druid is 300 and druid heal BD, BD not get heal, but BD will reduce 90 HP of his hp every heal. This skill not work at skill Secret Link. Weapon: Staff Dmg: 550 Heal: 1200/5 second Location: Map Ayvondil
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