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  1. Maybe I will make necro then easy arena for me haha xD I nkow how to use them but Mc Always lose war buff lazy to go on
  2. Ooff...But I like mage class dont nkow why maybe becouse it can spam skill? XP Hope Gm improve mage in next update Ya they are powerful couse can spam atk =0
  3. Anyone reply pls ..?This a good topic that gm need to fix lol *-* bump
  4. I realy hate when my mage die suddenly fast like @#%& when roguw hit by one hit. Mage realy need improvement couse why warlock have good skill at start n further on? So unfair -.-' gm pls help mage class they realy need skill that can heal them even a little like warlock...
  5. Gm pls make arena battle randomly pls couse many pro do pt n go to arena to kill all non amper like them. Its so unfair u nkow couse if this thing keep happen only pro getting better noob getting more noob? @#%& Zzz *-*
  6. I see a pro priest on Server Eu-Sapphire Mrfaze show me this skill at lv 1 : I see it duration so low n the effect kinda lol . This skill need to nerfed like add some effect bonus like mage dragon eye +_+
  7. I have Priest lv 16 ongoing named Sarabless at server Sapphire excited to make mage soon
  8. Hmm...thanks for replying though I see a pro mage named Drizzzz at server Us-Sapphire n ask him wats build but he dont want to say anything about it lol XC
  9. Hi Im new here n I see mage class kinda fun but hard to survive unless you are rich Anyone now the new build so I can make mage class? Ohh! and server that can make me survive there prefer English server
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