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  1. Guys the costume was very very rare. Anyone want to get that costume . they can make that money. Btw how to post my ceation pic here?? Using mobile. Idk how. Please help me ill post here
  2. Gombar- the upcoming boss in warspear online ) Gombar - the son of snorlar Hes using a axe that was incredibly strong . no one knows who does axe came from. Snorlar was have a son . while hes living under inselnort cave. Theres a child was born near snorlar place. Then a mystery voice was snorlar hear. Actually that voice get his attention. Then the voice said. " this is you son. The new enemy of every faction. Train him make him stronger . (and the voice was stopped) and the voice was gone. Snorlar name that child "gombar" After years the boy was get stronger than snorlar. (The axe was there in gombar was born. That weapon gave to gombar.) His place is down that snorlar place. Hp: 2 million Mp: 200 Skills: axe strike: gombar strike an enemy 10% of her/his maximum hp will lost. Fear of stronger son: gombar shouts enemy near him was feard for 3 secs. Whip axe: gombar throw his axe. All enemy in front of him was deal damage. And hemorage. Fear poison: gombar throw in any long ranged enemy and feard him/her in 5secs Anger of stronger: (passive) when gombar was get in 10% health. He was going to rage. He get 10% add normal damage. Drops: gombar outfit- the costume just like gombar was using (1% drop rate) Drops Any new upcoming lvl 24 arena items. (5% drop rate ) ___________ Thats all guys i hope you all apriciate My work. I do this in whole day sorry for my english couz im filipino. My email: [email protected] Us- sapphire user. Pinoy user here
  3. Sir where should i post the drawing??
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