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  1. I'm waiting for this event to end fast so i play like regular ... this event is like nvr ending.. boring
  2. really this event is so slow and getting more boring 2hr each day dungeon for 5days and i and even my party didnt get a single drop.... i wish u admin and gm had lots of fun this holiday... .
  3. looking forward to it and its here and merry christmas to u all
  4. do this update also add extra hotkeys ..cuz all slot full and the extra 2 skill upcoming.
  5. agreed.with #pliskin.. i use tab and hotkeys r so small ..it is better if skill hotkeys can be customize with user perspective ... thx for the update. looking forward to get more better gameplay and better interface ..
  6. After starting game servers you can start playing new version of Warspear Online! Players who finished all quests in Maliat will get an access to new tasks in the land of Tlaloks. do we have to get full maliat reputation to enter new island . i.e 5000 maliat
  7. u dont understand wht i said this update every char get some fix ... beside bd
  8. u r rouge how many attk did u have count it check barb .. nd u talk abt rush skill it doest work most time .
  9. Black Pyramid promices lots of fun, cause it’s an opened PvP-zone, where you can even summon friendly NPC to fight for you!-------- awsome If enemy blocking or dodging ranger’s burning arrows, he doesn’t get a burning DoT effect. -------------really making ranger more vulnerable to attack what about fixing the bladedancer rush it doesnt stun most of time and never work on mob. Harad’s banner” now spliting damage between all enemies in the coverage area. Time and damage were slightly increased. lol player die already when5x5 paladin in arena without touching them ...... altleast fix it yard
  10. This is making the gameplay worse :crazy: ..why u GM fix the 1st things .. about game crash . then see what bug is need to be fix :facepalm: :facepalm:
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