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  1. Will we know when our boss posts are on the forum? I'm still waiting on moderator approval and I'm curious to see if mine was deleted. Also, how many bosses are we allowed to sumbit? Can we keep sumbiting if our first bosses don't get accepted or is there a limit?
  2. Imperious was once a glorious commander of the Forsaken Army. He fought through many hardships with his men and eventually became a living legend amongst the people. Always at his sides were his two dragon companions, Shadow Strike and Whispering Death. Some say his valor was unmatched likewise to his stature. Imperious came to an unfortunate end during the battle against the Chosen. The battle was long and hard with no apparent winner due to such a major loss of life. Imperious was chopped down during the climax of the Chaos alongside his dragon companions. A proper burial was never arranged
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