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  1. @justinasz... Im n0t giving any idea on m0ods...u jz misinterpret what i wr0te...anyway its a free game...so the 0wner of d game find a way to gain m0ney to maintain d game...d w0rst thing...d devel0per f0und a s0luti0n to gain m0ney in such a way that players d0nt understand...
  2. we're suggesting to have an NPC st0rage, but they put max bag up to 100 spaces...it means they are listening to our suggesti0ns...
  3. 2.5hrs sleeping n still 0ff :( Ill try t0paz server at russia :)
  4. CC items is n0t already transferable...so CC quest n0w is bec0me useless...
  5. 0nly suggesti0n: is it ok to put all item n0t pers0nal...except c0stume when already equiped....this will make d ec0n0my better n able to exchange our stuff anytym we want, f we d0nt need already... Example: cc stuff...bg dr0ps... Same like AA dr0ps...u make it equiping...
  6. they are changing s0methng in d game...so pls wait...be patient...
  7. still no update :diablo: when will be d next update...hope to be soon :drinks:
  8. lack of MC players ;D no one is helping new players MAIN REASON :crazy:
  9. suggestion: pls add npc for our rare items....sometimes we accidentally sell them from npc shop :'(
  10. can some1 send me the patch ::) so i will jz install it....here's my email [email protected] a million tnx for d person who can send d file.... :)
  11. any1 who can tell me why i cant download the latest version in my PC
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