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  1. I can't take it why it is so high! Simple Sword is 10g and lvl 3 crossbow 900+ like wtf. No wonder why this game costs so much. So, it is PVE game since we fight harder bosses. The fact is that working together has a high price too. Everything is so damn high and luck has nothing to do with it. Drop is like 1g like Lol. Remind me again why is it so high?
  2. Kill the haters on sight. They are nothing more than uneducated quaint stereotypes.
  4. I am so curious what you guys sound like in real life. No troll voices allowed.
  5. I want to hear your voices in english obviously. I don't know if you can send your recorded voices here but you can try.
  6. That was fun. I have a suggestion, whenever there is a testing client, there should be infinite gold and mcoins.
  7. I don't know about that one. Seems like a beta testing.
  8. Who's Atte? The one who mistakenly announced the winner
  9. Diablo II. I love playing it since 10 years ago. Now, I'm so bored playing it. Loved playing Barbarian,Paladin,Assassin,Necromancer, and Amazon. Killing the Prime Evils especially Baal is fun.
  10. Well the old fashioned direct questing is easier and fast. Two or many options waste time but it is irrelevant
  11. A Last Alliance of Men and Elves marched against the armies of Hassn, and unto the slopes of mount Emerald they fought for the freedom of EU-Emerald
  12. I recall that the Legion side in EU Emerald are stronger than their counterparts.
  13. Such a pity that he's not gonna answer this time. Lesser Being
  14. Forget about him... He will never speak here. A slave
  15. Hike Tyson


    Hahaha. It would have been easier if Garaan created rings to decieve the Sentinels. In this game universe, the elves time isn't over. It's so perplexing since there are many servers and many different kinds of people. Of course I only counsel wisdom. If you do not want to hear it, then it is up to you.
  16. No The time of the Elves is over. My people are leaving. Who will you look upon when we're gone?
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