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  1. Its so annoying! Clicking Post lags and makes you click Post twice lolz
  2. Hmm even though they have multiply accounts they can't use all of them at once.The only problem is getting the good names
  3. Maybe because it needs to be approved to be seen
  4. Hmm what a tempting answer.I suppose how can a lvl 1 beat mobs in Aivondil? Aivondil is for High Classes only
  5. Edit:Why do i always lag when i accidentaly click post 2 times
  6. Hmm considering what would the Maliat Elves(Dark Elves) will think fighting their own cousins(Firstborn) to the death?
  7. Some Sentinels don't even participate war just doing dailies.
  8. Some Sentinels don't even participate war just doing dailies.
  9. In 2012 i think i saw Warspear Advertisment when i was playing Fruit Ninja
  10. Good idea but i think the Dark Elves are Nuadu's children and is a neutral faction.Another faction should be fit for Legion side.New factions should be humanoid other than Ogres,Centaurs,Goblins etc.
  11. Finally i'm free!

  12. I don't think its a new lab.Maybe its a lore type of dungeon or somewhere
  13. Hmm if i could pick what type of classes it should be i think Dwarves for Sentinels.Idk about Legion side to many races to put there.
  14. Thanks for your help i will pm you if im on or if your on.
  15. Fine then xso but im on sometimes and what about your char names?
  16. Forum seems a nice place.People here answer my posts so i think everyones fine like any other forum
  17. When you were new did you need help? Yes i know many Mountain Clans and Forsaken are always busy but i really need help. EPiR sorry i don't play on EU but thanks
  18. I don't have exams this days Why the hell some of my posts don't get approved? I already posted 5 or 6 threads but only the "Hi Everyone" Thread please approve this post and answer my question!
  19. Most will spam at bosses and will not help other players.
  20. Okay i need help from quests since i don't pay mcoins on my Death Knight and its hard beating bosses on my own.Are there people who will help? Well i did ask help but no one listens in World Chat or high levels that i meet.Can you give me names that i can pm if i need help?
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